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APL publishes the tender for the contract to develop the new Zuera Logistics-Industrial Platform

With an estimated value of 828,850 euros, it includes all the work necessary for the drafting of the PIGA which will allow its implementation. The 150-hectare platform will have large plots of land for business projects, such as the one announced by Grupo Jorge this week.

The proceedings for the future Zuera Logistics-Industrial Platform are moving forward. Aragon Logistics Platform (APL) has launched the bidding process for the contract to draw up the General Interest Plan (PIGA) for its implementation, with an estimated value of 828,850 euros (VAT included). The contract will be published in the next few hours in the Official Journal of the European Union and then in the Contractor’s Profile, which will have an execution period of 33 weeks. Interested companies may submit their bids until December 2.

The objective of the PIGA will be to organize this new 150-hectare platform in order to obtain large plots, as demanded by the current logistics and industrial market; to delimit the different areas -a logistics area with plots of more than 50,000 m2 and an industrial zone for companies linked to logistics and other industrial uses-; and to facilitate the connection with the existing rail and road infrastructures, one of the main attractions of this new platform.

The contract under tender includes all the work related to the drafting process of the urban planning documents required for the processing and approval of the PIGA, which includes the preliminary data collection, topographic survey, hydrological study of the land, traffic and capacity study, the drafting of the advance document for coordination and the documents for the preliminary processing of the plan, as well as all the documentation required for its complete and definitive approval.

It also includes the urbanization project necessary to execute the works contained in the PIGA for its joint processing, as well as the strategic environmental study. Likewise, within the scope of this service, the reparcelling project required to process the registration of the plots resulting from the development, including the necessary graphic documents and data files, will be drafted. The work also includes the performance by the successful bidder of all the tasks necessary for the approval of the PIGA by the appropriate bodies, including consultations during the drafting phase, the drafting of responses to possible allegations and the preparation of the final consolidated document, if necessary.

Attraction of companies

The name of the first project to be installed in this new platform was announced this week: Grupo Jorge will invest 60 million euros and create 192 jobs in a large industrial node that will occupy 35 of the 150 hectares available and will enable this Aragonese meat company to centralize both the arrival of raw materials and the dispatch of finished products. The initiative will be a reference in grain logistics and refrigerated containers to ensure the transport of perishable products.

The project for the implementation of the new Logistics-Industrial Platform of Zuera was declared of regional interest and of general interest by the Government of Aragon last January. This double declaration will make it possible to promote and reduce the administrative procedures required for the processing and execution of the Plan so that this investment can become a reality in a short period of time.

This new platform will enable the creation of a space that will promote the economic development of local companies such as Grupo Jorge, as well as favoring the establishment of large national and international companies, given its valued geostrategic location, close and highly accessible to two of Spain’s main freight corridors: the Ebro and Mediterranean corridors. The objective is to promote a Northern Logistics-Industrial Corridor in our Autonomous Community that complements the existing logistics platforms.

The site was selected due to the strategic location of this municipality and its excellent communication with Zaragoza (27 km away) and Huesca (40 km away), as well as the continuity of existing industrial land that already has service infrastructures, since it will be located to the north of the current “Los Llanos de la Estación” Industrial Estate, which has been fully urbanized.

Intermodality, as an essential condition of a logistics platform, is ensured by its location and its road and rail connections. The selected plots are connected by road through the A-23, which runs parallel to the plot on the west side and connects with Huesca, thus enhancing the northern corridor to France, as well as communicating with one of the main corridors in Spain: the highway linking Madrid with Barcelona. In this sense, the proximity of the planned new platform to other logistics hubs such as the Zaragoza area, Barcelona (Llobregat area) and the ports of Barcelona, Tarragona and Bilbao is also noteworthy. In some of these areas, the availability of land is scarce and, in any case, at very affordable prices, which adds a competitive edge of great added value to this location.

Finally, one of the strong points of this location is the railroad, given that it is bounded by two railway lines: one (parallel to the plot on the west side) that connects Barcelona and Madrid and another (in the south) used exclusively for the transport of goods and which has a halt in the vicinity of the plot. This direct connection to the railway line will allow the location to be connected by train to the Zaragoza PLAZA Railway Logistics Center, which is located a short distance away and is the largest freight terminal in southern Europe.

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