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ARAME rewards female vision and talent at its XXIII Awards

Sonia Beltrán Domínguez of Kalfrisa; Susana Portero Enguita, founder of Ghessu Bath; Elisa Pelayo Astiz, of Agilmente and Begoña Pérez Espés, founder of Nana Food, recognized in this edition. The economist Juan Royo Abenia received the Recognition for the Promotion of Women's Leadership, a new award category introduced this year.

The Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza has hosted the delivery of the XXIII edition of the ARAME Awards, the Aragonese Association of Women Entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, dean awards in recognition of the promotion of female talent and the promotion of women in the economic and social sphere. The event was held as usual after the pandemic, and has rewarded the careers and vision of women managers and entrepreneurs of the Autonomous Community.

The event was attended by the Government Delegate in Aragón, Rosa María Serrano Sierra, the Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza City Council, Sara Fernández Escuer, the acting Justice of Aragón, Javier Hernández García and the president of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Villarroya, among other authorities, as well as numerous representatives of social and economic entities of Aragón and members of ARAME.

The Rural Entrepreneurship Award went to Begoña Pérez Espés, founder of Nana Food, S.L., a healthy, ethical and sustainable food company in La Puebla de Alfindén. In only three years the company has created 20 jobs in rural areas.

The Innovative Creativity Award went to Elisa Pelayo Astiz for her project Ágilmente. Born in pandemic, from March 2020 to October 2020 it was an altruistic activity. From Borja, they are dedicated to carrying out cognitive stimulation activities for the elderly and have more than 2,000 students throughout Spain.

Susana Portero Enguita received the Career Achievement Award. Founder of Ghessu Bath and currently an independent professional, the jury recognized the development of the company and her determination for internationalization, which led her to win the 2015 Export Award from the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.

The Business Excellence Award went to Sonia Beltrán Domínguez, Finance and Human Resources Director of Kalfrisa for her career in this energy and environment company, since she joined in 2002 as a trainee. There she has consolidated an exemplary career, being the first woman in the management team and acquiring a fundamental role in the management of people for the different changes and expansion processes.

This year ARAME has introduced a new award category, the Recognition for the Promotion of Women’s Leadership for the company, institution or professional that has encouraged the promotion of women in economic, institutional or social activity, or for exemplary implementation of equality measures. It was the economist Juan Royo Abenia, a benchmark in sustainability and CSR, and head of culturaRSC.com, who received this award for his defense of female leadership and for making visible the achievements of women in various fields such as business, sports or scientific research, among others.

We not only want to recognize and promote the careers of women entrepreneurs and managers, their talent, their perseverance and their vision, but also all the entities and people, both men and women, who in an objective and real way promote the presence of women in positions of responsibility and make their examples and experiences visible“, said María López Palacín, president of ARAME, during her speech, who stressed the importance of “creating active environments, with a real drive towards women and with people and entities that demonstrate their commitment”.

The president explained that, for the coming year, ARAME’s activity “will continue to focus on its members, so that each of them becomes a reference in their sector and in society, helping them to boost their businesses and publicizing success stories that help and inspire”.

ARAME, the Aragonese Association of Women Entrepreneurs, professionals and managers is a multisectoral association, dean in the promotion of women’s leadership in Aragon since its birth in 1989. Its awards are already a
a benchmark for the talent, capacity, innovation and social responsibility of professional and managerial women in the Autonomous Community.

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