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Mar Vaquero: “The technological world is also being transformed by the role of Aragonese companies”.

The vice-president of the Regional Executive visited this Tuesday the facilities of hiberus, the fastest growing technology company in Spain for the third consecutive year with a turnover in 2023 of 140 million and more than 3,000 employees.

The Aragonese technology sector is full of success stories. Of business projects born in this community and that are experiencing, thanks to their good work, ambition and excellence, an exponential growth in turnover, turnover, jobs and also number of projects in which they are immersed.

An example of this is hiberus, a technology company of Aragonese origin, which has visited this Tuesday the second vice president and Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Regional Executive, Mar Vaquero. She did so in the company of the company’s president, Íñigo de Yarza, and the CEO, Sergio López. Both have explained the future plans of the consultancy firm, among which are the increase in revenues to 200 million euros and overcoming the barrier of 4,000 employees among all its delegations, located in 13 countries.

A few hours before the beginning of “The Wave”, the congress promoted by the Department of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Government of Aragon, Mar Vaquero has emphasized that “the technological world is also being transformed by the role of the Aragonese companies”. The presence of hiberus among them allows the vice-president to assure that our community is a “hub of reference in Europe”, a reality that “will be strengthened even more in the future”.

“This position in which we find ourselves is not only due to the arrival of the most relevant technological giants in the world, but also thanks to companies born in Aragon and that have been able to grow here, expand, prosper and be protagonists in the technological world”, she assured the media.

The second vice-president also wanted to convey a series of certainties that, in her opinion, the technology sector of our community conveys: “projects are being developed here for the whole world, Aragonese talent is making us find ourselves in a golden age at all levels, the future looks even more positive and the non-conformism of all these companies is making them grow, prosper, open up to the five continents, hire thousands of professionals and change our lives through technology”.

Precisely the commitment to talent and people is one of the maxims of the technology company. “In hiberus we have been growing exponentially, we are doubling our business figures year by year for the last 4 years. This happens thanks to our way of understanding work, team building and treating our clients with a maximum contribution of value”, assures Sergio López, CEO of hiberus, who recalled that the company has closed 2023 with a growth of 45% to reach 140 million euros and with a staff of more than 3,00 people.

Two days of technological wave

The first edition of the technological congress “The Wave” will be held in Zaragoza on May 15 and 16. A new proposal, called to be the most important event of the sector in our history and also born with the purpose of becoming one of the most relevant in the whole country.

A large representation of the companies that today are generating employment and wealth in the technology sector, including hiberus, will be present at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza. It will be a forum for debate, knowledge and exchange of opinions, which will be helped by the 40 speakers who will participate and the more than 2,300 people registered.

“In two days we will learn about the reasons that make Aragonese companies relevant, there will also be room for the technological giants that are already part of our ecosystem and we want to encourage new vocations because, in today’s world, we aspire that Aragonese talent can reach its full potential in these jobs that will be in demand in the future,” said the vice-president.

All this in a congress born with the purpose of “placing Aragon on the world technological map” and also to “transcend and become an indispensable event for our community”. Among the objectives, the vice-president also contemplates “helping the sector” through this great visibility and “transferring the potential of some companies” that “can be the ideal place for the present and the future of thousands of Aragonese people”.

A company in international expansion

Hiberus is, for the third consecutive year, the fastest growing Spanish technology company. In recent months its expansion, which started in several Spanish cities, has extended to Miami, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. In the latter country it has positioned itself as a local partner of Grupo Clarín.

Its specialization has led it to develop more than 40 different technological areas and to work in markets such as public administration, tourism and leisure, financial services, telecommunications and retail. This is how it is becoming a benchmark among Ibex 35 clients and other world reference brands in its sector.

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