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15 things you must see in Zaragoza when you come here

  1. Basílica del Pilar: One of Spain’s most iconic landmarks, the Basílica del Pilar is a stunning example of Baroque architecture and houses a revered statue of the Virgin Mary.
  2. Aljafería Palace: This ancient palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most impressive examples of Islamic architecture in Spain.
  3. La Seo Cathedral: The city’s main cathedral, La Seo is a stunning Gothic structure with a rich history dating back to the 12th century.
  4. Roman Theater and Forum: These ancient ruins date back to the 1st century AD and are a fascinating glimpse into Zaragoza’s Roman past.
  5. El Ebro River: The longest river in Spain, the Ebro is a beautiful natural landmark that offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.
  6. The Goya Museum: Dedicated to the works of Francisco de Goya, one of Spain’s most famous artists, this museum houses a large collection of his paintings and prints.
  7. La Lonja: This 16th-century building was once a marketplace for traders and merchants and is now a popular tourist attraction.
  8. Torre del Agua: This striking modern tower is home to an interactive water museum and offers stunning views of the city.
  9. The Museum of Fine Arts: This museum houses a large collection of paintings and sculptures from the 14th to the 20th century, including works by famous Spanish artists such as El Greco and Velázquez.
  10. The Palace of the Counts of Morata: This historic building is one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain and now houses the Aragonese Parliament.
  11. The Roman Walls: These ancient walls once surrounded the city and are now a fascinating tourist attraction.
  12. The Zaragoza Aquarium: One of the largest aquariums in Europe, this attraction offers a unique underwater experience with over 5,000 marine creatures.
  13. The Expo Site: This former site of the 2008 Expo is now a popular destination for tourists, with attractions such as the Water Tower and the Bridge Pavilion.
  14. The Patio de la Infanta: This 16th-century courtyard is a stunning example of Renaissance architecture and is now a popular venue for cultural events.
  15. The Fiestas del Pilar: This annual celebration in honor of the Virgin Mary is one of the biggest festivals in Spain and features parades, concerts, and traditional food and drink.

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