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“Pyrenees Roadtrip” the tourist route linking Hautes-Pyrénées and Huesca that will awaken your senses

“Extension of itineraries and experiences in the Pyrenees Roadtrip program, a sustainable tourism alliance between Hautes-Pyrénées and Huesca.”

“Two countries, a unique experience: Nature, culture and gastronomy merge in the heart of the Pyrenees”.

Yesterday, the new itineraries and graphic material of the “Pyrenees Roadtrip” project were officially presented at the Carlos Sainz Karting in Las Rozas, Madrid. This project, the result of six years of joint work between Hautes-Pyrénées Tourisme Environnment and TuHuesca – Tourism of the province of Huesca, seeks to offer tourists a unique experience that combines nature, culture and sustainable tourism in the spectacular surroundings of the Pyrenees.

The event was attended by Isabelle Pellieu, general director of Hautes-Pyrénées Tourisme Environnment; Anna Fontan, member of HPTE; and Fernando Blasco, managing director of TuHuesca – Turismo de la provincia de Huesca. These leaders from both territories shared their enthusiasm and vision in the expansion of itineraries and tourism products offered through the “Pyrenees Roadtrip” program.

The Pyrenees, on both the French and Spanish sides, have numerous attractions that make this project a common space for the enjoyment of tourists, who will be able to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the mountains, hike carefully designed itineraries, travel scenic roads, visit national parks and enjoy the rich local gastronomy and agri-food production, as well as its tangible and intangible culture.

One of the highlights of the project is its focus on sustainable tourism development in the rural environment of the central Pyrenees, making it a unique and highly competitive destination. The fusion of both cultures and the advantage of being in the same time zone allow visitors to enjoy an enriching offer that optimizes their time.

“The Pyrenees Roadtrip features a wide variety of attractions, including two countries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, emblematic sites such as Lourdes and the Pic du Midi, San Juan de la Peña, or Loarre Castle, the majestic Pico Aneto (the highest mountain in the Pyrenees), legendary mountain passes, two national parks, three nature parks, a nature reserve, picturesque lakes, beautiful hermitages and historic castles. It also offers the opportunity to explore five vineyard appellations, and enjoy ten thermal centers, among others. Visit caves with cave paintings and explore religious sites of great importance. All this is complemented by the international station of Canfranc, fabulous restaurants some awarded a Michelin star and various shrines that further enrich the experience.

The “Pyrenees Roadtrip” project is a unique tourist proposal that invites travelers to discover the natural, cultural and gastronomic richness of the Pyrenees. With its expanded itineraries and tourism products, it promises to provide unforgettable experiences for those seeking adventure and beauty in an authentic and preserved environment.

For more information, visit the official “Pyrenees Roadtrip” website https://www.pyrenees-trip.es/ or contact representatives of Hautes-Pyrénées Tourisme Environnment and TuHuesca – Tourism of the province of Huesca.

About Hautes-Pyrénées Tourisme Environnment:

Hautes-Pyrénées Tourisme Environnment is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées, France. Its main objective is to preserve and highlight the natural and cultural richness of the region, creating unique and authentic experiences for visitors.

About TuHuesca – Tourism of the province of Huesca:

TuHuesca is the entity in charge of promoting and managing tourism in the province of Huesca. Working closely with local stakeholders, it strives to offer quality tourism experiences that highlight the natural beauty, cultural heritage, sports and leisure activities, and gastronomy of the province of Huesca.

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