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A bike ride through the vineyards: Sommos’ new wine tourism proposal

The winery of the Somontano Protected Designation of Origin reinforces its wine tourism offer with an electric bike ride through the vineyards that ends with a visit to the facilities and a tasting of three wines.

Sommos was elected Best Winery in the annual awards of the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy in 2022 and has received many other international awards for its wines.

Do you dare to discover Somontano wines from the vine to the glass? The Sommos winery, located in the heart of the Somontano Protected Designation of Origin, offers a wine tourism activity that combines cycling, nature and wine tasting. Through e-cycling, Sommos encourages its visitors to ride through its vineyards on an electric bicycle and then visit the impressive winery and taste its wines. In fact, it is the ideal moment to enjoy the greenery of the vines – more than 350 hectares of vineyards – in the moonlight.

The e-cycling tour allows you to enjoy the surroundings and the spectacular views of the winery on a free bicycle ride along a signposted route of six kilometers. The e-cycling tour ends with a visit to the winery and a tasting of three of its most iconic wines. The activity is designed for up to 6 people and also includes an approved helmet, a map and a bottle of water. Sommos thus promotes healthy wine tourism, where sport and enjoying nature become a priority, demonstrating its commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism. In addition, periodically, the winery offers new experiences depending on the moment in which the vineyard is located.

Other wine tourism experiences

Precisely, one of the best ways to get to know this extensive terrain is through all its wine tourism activities. This innovative electric bicycle tour is in addition to other unique and highly valued experiences for wine lovers, such as Segway rides through the vineyards, tastings with Iberian cured meats or the different menus designed in the restaurant to taste the wines of the winery along with the best Mediterranean cuisine fused with the environment of Somontano.

These experiences can be booked from Monday to Sunday (opening hours of the winery) and are offered in several languages.

Architectural marvel

The Sommos winery, founded in 2014 and located just over six kilometers from Barbastro (Huesca), is a true reference for wine lovers who place it as one of the main destinations in the Somontano PDO and a must-see for any wine tourist traveling to this region in the province of Huesca. In less than ten years, Sommos has positioned itself as the most select and contemporary winery in this young and dynamic appellation. And it has done so thanks to a triple charm: high quality wines, a unique wine tourism offer and the architectural charm of the winery.

The futuristic building, designed by architect Jesús Marino Pascual, stands out for the uniqueness of its geometric shapes, the strength of steel and glass that form a prism inspired by the silhouette of the Pyrenean massif Cotiella. The winery, one of the most spectacular in Europe, has been chosen by The Drinks Business as one of the “10 architectural wonders of the wine world” for its beauty and functionality in creating great wines.

Pampering the grape thanks to R&D&I

One of the elements that make Sommos wine different from others is that the winemaking process is carried out thanks to the force of gravity, which takes advantage of the 27 meters of depth at which the winery is excavated. The winery houses the latest technological innovations that help the winegrowers and winemakers to carry out their work with great precision. Among the innovations are the optical sorters that allow the grapes to be sorted berry by berry, a bridge crane to fill and decant the tanks by gravity without using pumps, and a vertical pneumatic press.

Diversity of vineyards: experimental vineyards, high altitude vineyards…

But the innovative spirit of Sommos is transmitted at all times and can be perceived even before entering the winery. In front of the winery there is an experimental vineyard that allows to know and learn about the different conduction systems used in different winegrowing areas of the world. In fact, the winery assures that its greatest treasure is in the vineyard. The more than 350 hectares are capable of reflecting the enormous diversity of the Somontano PDO in their wines, thanks to the cultivation of low-yielding vines.

Its main vineyard is Finca Torresalas, with a surface area of 155 hectares, in the center of which is the winery surrounded by a sea of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Tempranillo vines that enjoy different sun exposures on soils rich in gypsum and salts.

At the foot of the Sierra de Guara, they cultivate vines in Finca Montesa, a group of plots of calcisols and clays with almost 100 hectares of dry land where they grow Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon with care and delicacy for the production of their Colección range.

Finally, they are also proud of their Güel vineyard, a truly rugged area rich in conglomerates and fossils and the prelude to the Turbón, where Sommos grows mainly Sauvignon Blanc, Garnacha Blanca and is planting new vineyards at an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level.

Thanks to the incredible diversity offered by the Somontano PDO, Bodega Sommos is able to produce a range of Colección wines that represent the different soils, microclimates and altitudes found in this appellation. And, for this, it has a young and dynamic team, with extensive experience in the world of wine, as the members of his team have worked in different wineries in Spain and around the world.

When it comes to winemaking, the winery remains true to its innovative spirit and commitment to quality, since the harvest is done at night, with isothermal tanks and the grapes are selected once they are in the winery. Always prioritizing quality over production, the grapes of this winery are small, tasty and aromatic and are pampered and monitored 365 days a year, taking into account the terrain, orientation, climate, humidity and other factors of growth and maturation.

Multiple awards

Sommos achieved in 2022 the distinction as Winery of the Year awarded by the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy. This award recognizes the work and dedication that the winery has put in over the last few years to position itself as one of Aragon’s benchmark wineries in record time. This award, “the one that has generated the most excitement among the team”, is added to other international recognitions harvested by its wines, such as the Grand Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2023 received by Sommos Colección Garnacha Blanca 2021, which was positioned as the best wine in the world made from this singular grape variety.

A brand with commitment and roots

Much of the recognition that Sommos has achieved in less than a decade is due to its strategic alliances with some of the most important assets in the province of Huesca. On the one hand, the winery sponsors S.D. Huesca, which has allowed the followers of the most popular sport in Spain to become familiar with the brand while enjoying the club’s achievements in recent years. On the other hand, Sommos is an official sponsor of Aramón. In the incomparable setting of the snow in Aragón, Bodega Sommos wines have conquered the palates of ski lovers who come every year to enjoy the Pyrenees from all over Spain.


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