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New technology companies in the bicycle sector present their projects in collaboration with ITAINNOVA

The Entrepreneurship Week, which reaches its 15th edition and is organized by the Aragon Emprende Foundation from October 22 to 29, held this Wednesday, October 27, a session at the Technological Institute of Aragon ITAINNOVA, where they have unveiled new technological solutions driven by Aragonese entrepreneurs in the bicycle sector and highlighted the importance of innovation to accelerate the change towards this sustainable and healthy means of transport.

The session, which was broadcast on YouTube, was attended by Jessica Fernández, from the Aragón Emprende Foundation, and Esther Borao, director of ITAINNOVA, as well as entrepreneurs from the bicycle sector.

Fernandez stressed that these days, more than one hundred speakers, about 56 hours of conferences and a total of 25 scheduled events, place the XV Entrepreneurship Week in Aragon as a record edition.

Esther Borao pointed out that “we are in a process of rethinking this new, more sustainable and safer mobility where, beyond solutions to individual sectors, we face the challenge of solving complex problems by reaching different areas. We have seen the need to continue supporting entrepreneurs so that they can move forward with their initiatives and for this purpose we have two specific programs underway. INNOIDEA is an entrepreneurship program that consists of two phases, a first one where they are supported in the business model and a second one where ITAINNOVA technicians collaborate with the entrepreneur to generate a viable prototype. And on the other hand, the Technological Bonds, which consist of grants to create an innovation project of up to 15,000 € reducing up to 50% of its cost. Some of today’s companies have participated in these programs, bringing viable products to the market”, he concluded.

For his part, Adán Piñero, coordinator of the Sustainable Mobility Technology Mission of ITAINNOVA, recalled that “the bicycle is a proven success story of sustainable mobility, aligned with European objectives towards a climate-neutral Europe and with the strategy of safe, sustainable and connected mobility. It is necessary to accelerate the implementation, along the lines defined by the Aragonese Bicycle Strategy, in the development of which ITAINNOVA participates”.

Regarding how this technology center can contribute to improve sustainable mobility products, he indicated that “we also put at the service of the bicycle, optimized designs, digital product twins, new materials and joints with advanced properties, integrated sensors, integration of power systems, as well as technologies related to services associated with infrastructure or data”.

The conference has served for entrepreneurs with whom ITAINNOVA has collaborated, from product or service conception to market launch, to present their experiences.

The conference is part of the ACELEStart-Ups project, co-financed by ERDF funds through the Spain-France-Andorra cooperation program 2014-2020 (POCTEFA) and whose ultimate goal is to help start-ups to grow and internationalize.

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