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Aragón boosts scientific-technological talent in the Autonomous Community of Aragón with AWS and NTT DATA

The Digital Campus hosts the AWS JAM powered by NTT DATA, where students from different degrees of Vocational Training have solved challenges based on the AWS cloud. This activity is part of Aragon's commitment to become a center of technological specialization in the country.

The Government of Aragon is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NTT DATA to promote scientific and technological talent in the region. To this end, they have launched a collaborative event with the aim of fostering creativity, innovation and curiosity of thought called AWS JAM powered by NTT DATA, whose first edition was held today at the recently inaugurated headquarters of the Digital Campus of Vocational Training. Eighty Vocational Training students from all over Aragon, divided into groups of three or four members, competed for three hours with the aim of proposing the best technological solutions to different challenges focused on the AWS cloud.

The aim of the day is to encourage students of Vocational Training in Computer Science and Communications to focus their careers on cloud computing, with highly demanded professions, especially because in recent years, different companies in the sector have opted for Aragon as a hub for the development of their operations. This, added to the technological transformation in which the entire business fabric is immersed, means a growing need to fill jobs with STEM profiles.


In the words of Felipe Faci, Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon, this initiative “reinforces the commitment that the Executive has made for the promotion of Vocational Training and that has been specified in the Strategy for Qualification and Employability through the FP signed with the economic and social agents of the Autonomous Community”. “The building that the Government of Aragon has incorporated to become the headquarters of the Digital Campus will be the reference element of a project that goes beyond becoming a mere container of activities,” said Faci, “a space aimed at leading the qualification processes of people who will live and work in the society of the present and the future. A space that combines training, qualification and employment”.

AWS is committed to training the technological workforce of the future in Aragon. Thanks to an agreement with the Government of Aragon, AWS is already enabling more than 2,000 Aragonese vocational training students to acquire cloud technology skills and gain access to AWS certifications, improving their employability and facilitating access to highly sought-after technology jobs. In addition, AWS has an infrastructure region in Aragon that will support more than 1,300 full-time jobs annually through a planned investment of more than 2.5 billion euros in Spain over 10 years.

Carlos Carús, AWS Education Programs Ambassador for Europe, Middle East and Africa commented, “The demand for technology-trained professionals outstrips supply today. AWS is excited to develop local Aragonese talent by providing students with learning resources, facilitating access to preparation for highly sought-after industry certifications, and connecting them with potential employers. Events like the AWS JAM powered by NTT DATA inspire these students to continue training in cloud technology.”

NTT DATA, in its line of collaborating with the different educational centers of Aragon bringing students closer to the reality of Cloud projects and solutions, joined this initiative accompanying the participants for 3 months in their cloud learning career, giving several technical sessions and exercising a mentoring role with the different teams on the day of the competition. This accompaniment has been key to reinforce the theory learned, as well as to awaken creativity and encourage innovation in the students.

The consultancy firm has been present in the region for 14 years and currently has more than 500 employees. The Zaragoza office leads the entire NTT DATA innovation process, providing global service to the 50 countries where the company is present, which highlights the value and importance of the community of Aragon for the company.

According to Carlos Galve, Partner in charge of Innovation and Strategic Investments and Director of NTT DATA’s Aragon office, “talent and the continuous evolution of its capabilities is our most important objective, we are delighted to be able to promote this type of initiative for all the scientific-technological talent in Aragon, which is undoubtedly of the highest level. Our contribution is to offer students a first contact with companies where they can learn what and how companies in the technology sector are working, which will allow them, when they finish their studies, to have a high level of employability. Our commitment to talent in Aragon also means offering an international career environment in innovative projects.”


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