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Aragón Cultivates Its Sephardic Heritage: Showcasing Itself as a Prime Destination for Israeli Tourists at Shalom Spain 2023

Discover how Aragon strengthens its Sephardic heritage and positions itself as a destination of choice for Israeli travelers at the Shalom Spain 2023 event in Tel Aviv. Significant increase in tourists, focus on nature and heritage, and innovative promotional strategies make Aragon a must-see attraction.

The General Directorate of Tourism of the Government of Aragón is actively participating in the prestigious Shalom Spain 2023 event currently taking place in Tel Aviv. This professional exchange platform has brought together leading Spanish destinations and companies with key players from Israel’s outbound tourism sector. This initiative, organized by Turespaña within the framework of the annual operational plan of Spanish tourism offices abroad, aims to establish valuable commercial connections with Israeli agents and tour operators.

The number of Israeli tourists visiting Aragón has witnessed a remarkable surge, skyrocketing from a mere 1,600 in 2016 to an impressive 9,000 in 2022. This surge in high-net-worth visitors is primarily driven by the allure of Aragón’s pristine natural landscapes and its rich cultural heritage.

The Shalom Spain 2023 program boasts an exciting lineup, including a comprehensive workshop and an exclusive reception featuring the Spanish Ambassador to Israel. Additionally, José Luis Galar, the Head of Analysis and Tourism Strategy at Aragón, will conduct a presentation on language-based tourism at the Instituto Cervantes tomorrow.

Aragón has diligently cultivated its presence in the Israeli market since 2015. In addition to its participation in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market in Tel Aviv and direct interactions organized by Turespaña, the region promotes itself through its Hebrew-language website, [gotoaragon.com](https://gotoaragon.com), and periodically sends newsletters to select Israeli agents and tour operators. As a testament to its commitment to this endeavor, Aragón is also featured in the prominent Passport News, a go-to source for airline and travel news in Israel.

In response to the substantial increase in Israeli tourists following the pandemic, Turismo de Aragón took proactive measures by organizing several seminars. These educational sessions were designed to equip Aragón’s tourism sector with the necessary skills and knowledge to cater to this unique and strategically vital market.

Aragón’s profound Sephardic heritage, along with its breathtaking natural beauty, continues to captivate the hearts of Israeli tourists, solidifying its status as a top-tier destination on their travel maps. Shalom Spain 2023 serves as a promising platform to reinforce these ties and pave the way for an even brighter future in tourism between Aragón and Israel.

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