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Aragon records the largest annual drop in unemployment in October in the entire historical series

Compared to October of last year, the decrease was 18.08%, with 14,075 less unemployed than a year before.
Compared to September, registered unemployment shows a slight increase of 642 persons, 1.02% monthly, the second best performance of an October in the whole series, in monthly terms.
Evolution of registered unemployment in Aragón – October 2021
Unemployment registered in Aragon at the end of October 2021 has registered a slight increase of 642 people compared to September, so that the Autonomous Community had at the end of the month 63,791 unemployed registered in the public employment offices, an increase of 1.02% monthly, according to data published Wednesday by the State Public Employment Service.

In Spain as a whole, however, registered unemployment recorded a slight fall of 0.02% in October with respect to September, to 3,257,068 registered unemployed, 734 less than the previous month.

In view of the historical series, the increase in registered unemployment in October is marked by a strong seasonal component, due to the end of summer contracts. Thus, in the last 25 years, unemployment in October has increased monthly in each and every year in Aragon, while in Spain there has been a monthly decrease for the first time.

However, it should be noted that the monthly increase suffered in this month of October 2021 is the second smallest in the historical series in Aragon, both in absolute and relative terms. Specifically, the smallest increase in the series occurred in October 2000, when registered unemployment increased by 487 persons.

In the context of the Autonomous Communities, registered unemployment showed monthly increases in October in 10 of the 17 Autonomous Communities, decreasing in the remaining seven. In the Cities with Statute of Autonomy, unemployment increased monthly in October in Melilla and decreased in Ceuta.

With regard to the Autonomous Communities of Aragon, unemployment fell in October in La Rioja (-1.81% monthly), Navarra (-1.71% monthly), País Vasco (-0.89% monthly), Comunidad Valenciana (-0.60% monthly) and Cataluña (-0.13% monthly).


Compared to October 2020, registered unemployment in Aragon has decreased in October 2021 by 14,075 people, which represents a sharp fall of 18.08% in annual rate.

This is the largest year-on-year fall in unemployment in an October month in Aragon, both in number of people and in annual rate, since the beginning of the statistical series in 1996.

In Spain as a whole, the number of unemployed decreased in October by 568,975 people with respect to the same month of the previous year, which translated into a fall of 14.87% in annual rate.

Registered unemployment showed year-on-year decreases in October 2021 in all the Autonomous Communities and Cities with Statute of Autonomy.

In the Aragonese environment, registered unemployment has decreased in annual comparison in Catalonia (-22.00% annual rate), Navarra (-17.43% annual rate), La Rioja (-16.12% annual rate), Basque Country (-14.47% annual rate) and Valencian Community (-3.04% annual rate).


As mentioned above, in Aragón, registered unemployment in October 2021 recorded a sharp decrease of 14,075 persons compared to October of the previous year, which translated into an annual rate of -18.08%. The profile of this reduction was generalized both at the provincial level and in its sectoral and gender distribution.

Thus, by gender, in Aragon unemployment fell somewhat more among men in October, with a decrease of 7,207 unemployed in one year (-22.25% year-on-year), while among women the fall was 6,868 unemployed women with respect to the same month of the previous year (-15.10% year-on-year).

With respect to the productive sectors, unemployment registered in October was reduced in Aragon by 8,259 persons in services (-15.86% annually), 1,300 persons in agriculture (-25.52% annually), 1,121 persons in industry (-13.12% annually) and 1,048 persons in construction (-22.19% annually).

Unemployment also fell year-on-year in the group without previous employment, with 2,347 fewer people than a year ago (-31.61% year-on-year).

By provinces, registered unemployment in October fell by 2,567 persons in Huesca (-23.23% on an annual basis), by 1,419 persons in Teruel (-21.47% on an annual basis) and by 10,089 persons in Zaragoza (-16.76% on an annual basis).

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