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The price of housing in Aragon falls 1.05% year on year

Second-hand housing in the Aragonese community registered an average price of 1,326 euros per square meter in October of this year, which represents a monthly decrease of 0.90%, the second most intense in Spain, where there was an increase of 0.16% per month to reach an average of 1,853 euros per square meter.

In year-on-year terms, the decline was 1.05%, the fourth most significant in Spain. This fall again contrasts with the national trend, since in the country as a whole there was an increase of 0.78% in year-on-year terms.

Within Aragon, the province of Teruel (2.38%) had the second largest monthly increase in the country, while Zaragoza saw a 1% drop, the eighth largest fall. In Huesca, prices also fell by 1.68%, being the third.

In relation to October 2020, Teruel, with an increase of 9.02%, was the third fastest-growing city in Spain. The opposite situation was experienced in Zaragoza and Huesca. Specifically, Zaragoza experienced a drop of 0.33%, being the fourth that fell the least, while in Huesca the decrease was 4.35%, being the third that has adjusted the most.
With this evolution, with 859 euros per square meter, Teruel is the eighth cheapest province in Spain in October 2021. For its part, in Huesca, the price stood at 1,180 euros per square meter and, in Zaragoza, it was 1,423 euros per square meter.

With respect to the Aragonese capitals, Teruel (1.80%) had the tenth highest increase in Spain. For its part, Zaragoza was the seventh lowest with a drop of 1.25%, and Huesca, with a decline of 1.42%, was fourth.

Compared to last year, all grew. Teruel registered an increase of 3.24%, the highest increase in the community. With 1,280 euros per square meter in October 2021, Teruel was the eleventh most affordable provincial capital in Spain. In Huesca, the price stood at 1,734 euros per square meter and, in Zaragoza, it was 1,684 euros per square meter.

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