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Aragon to host the 6th World Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms

The logistical strength of Aragon's platforms has made the Community the venue for the 6th World Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms to be held in virtual format in a month's time, between 20 and 22 October.

The forum, organised by the World Organisation of Logistics Cities and Platforms in collaboration with Aragon Logistics Platform (APL), and Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), will attract the participation of logistics platform developers; entrepreneurs linked to the sector, foreign trade, transport and the development of strategic infrastructures; customs agents and freight forwarders, ports, Chambers and business organisations, as well as civil servants and representatives of administrations and organisations related to logistics, students and the media. The last edition of the event, held in Paraguay in October 2020, had 7,000 registered participants and 60 participating countries.

The forum will allow the most burning issues in the sector to be debated and experiences to be exchanged between the most prominent logistics hubs on the five continents. In its sixth edition, the event already has more than 3,500 registered participants, although the deadline is still open on the website of the World Organisation of Cities and Logistics Platforms, where the programme of presentations can also be consulted.

The agenda of the international meeting will include conferences and panels on topics that will allow the main logistics projects and assets that Aragon has – such as its strategic position, its connectivity and intermodality, its infrastructures and its talent and human capital – to be disseminated, as well as other topics related to the sector and its situation in different parts of the world. In this way, the presentations on innovation, training, multimodality or Aragonese platforms with renowned speakers from our Community, or on strategic projects such as the Zaragoza-Algeciras rail motorway, share the programme with talks on logistics platforms in Europe, Latin America or Asia, or the challenges of e-commerce and the supply chain, among others.

During the first two days, the forum will include different round tables and presentations by international experts from Europe, Asia and America, while the third day will focus on the presentation of strategic projects in workshop format. In this way, this event will provide an insight into the role of logistics platforms as a driving force for the economy and, at the same time, will continue to position the Autonomous Community of Aragon as a world benchmark in this sector.

Aragon, an international benchmark

Aragon, due to its geostrategic location, availability of space, concentration of economic activity, intermodality and capacity to connect corridors and routes, is today an internationally recognised logistics power, as it has been able to combine institutional impetus, based on the strategic commitment made by the Government of Aragon, with private collaboration. In addition, the first class facilities and connectivity of platforms such as Zaragoza (Plaza), but also those of Huesca (Plhus), Teruel (Platea) and Fraga stand out.

Aragon’s potential in this sector goes beyond having the largest amount of logistics land in Europe in large developed plots, competitive, advanced and flexible infrastructures (aircraft at kilometre zero, railway terminal next to the logistics plots, road connection with the main road networks) and efficient and constantly developing services. Aragon is also a leader in innovation and technology, standing out as a pole of talent specialised in logistics due to the capacity and commitment of public and private institutions in the region to promote the development of the sector.

Those interested in participating in the VI World Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms, in virtual format, can still register through the website (foromundialaragon.omcpl.org/) and consult all the information about the event.

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