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Basilio Paraíso Foundation of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce Starts a New Stage: Renewal of the Board of Trustees and Breakthrough Publicity Campaign

In an ambitious step towards the social and economic dynamization of Aragon, the Basilio Paraíso Foundation of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce undertakes a significant transformation.

In this new stage, the foundation not only renews its board of trustees, but also launches a vision that seeks to consolidate its role as a key player in the development of the autonomous community.

To publicize this ambitious initiative, the foundation has launched the vibrant advertising campaign “¡Hace Falta Valor!” (Courage Needed), designed by the agency “SinPalabras Creativos” and starring prominent Aragonese entrepreneurs from various sectors and sizes.

In a move to enhance its role as a catalytic agent in the revitalization of Aragon, the Basilio Paraíso Foundation of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce has embarked on a new stage of renewal. This ambitious step includes a complete transformation of the board of trustees and the launch of an advertising campaign that seeks to redefine the role of Aragonese entrepreneurship.

The campaign, entitled “¡Haceta Falta Valor!”, is the result of a collaboration with the local creative agency “SinPalabras Creativos” and features the participation of influential entrepreneurs from different sectors and sizes. The initiative, marked by an audiovisual approach, features a powerful promotional video and a series of recorded discussions exploring the importance of business value in today’s society.

The renewed vision of the Basilio Paraíso Foundation focuses on boosting the economic development of Aragon, mobilizing civil society and promoting recognition of entrepreneurship as a key driver. The strategy includes the awarding of the prestigious Basilio Paraíso Medals, which this year will be developed under the slogan “The Value of the Entrepreneur”.

The Basilio Paraíso Medals award ceremony, which takes place every two years, will be a unique experience this year. Under the motto “The Value of the Entrepreneur”, it has been designed as a solemn show with an original staging. More than 600 people, including authorities, business representatives and institutions, will gather at the Palacio de Congresos to attend this extraordinary gala.

The event, which seeks to highlight the crucial role of entrepreneurs in society, is aligned with the foundation’s advertising campaign and renewed vision. “The Value of Entrepreneurship” will not only be the central theme of the medal ceremony, but will also be reflected in the essence of the gala, merging the solemn with innovation, in tune with the transformation that the Basilio Paraíso Foundation is leading.

This new stage not only promises to revitalize the Basilio Paraíso Foundation, but also to position it as a benchmark in the promotion of economic and social development in Aragon. The commitment to bold communication, the renewal of the board of trustees and the recognition of the value of entrepreneurship are firm steps towards a more vibrant and dynamic future for the Aragonese community.

The Basilio Paraíso Foundation’s “The Value of Entrepreneurship” campaign, conceived by the agency “SinPalabras Creativos“, has managed not only to highlight, but also to celebrate the work of entrepreneurs in Zaragoza in a unique way. The innovative strategy included audiovisual pieces where entrepreneurs and businessmen in pairs participated in interactive games, based on a roulette that generated questions about their beginnings, entrepreneurial experiences and more.

The campaign was deployed in various media, from internet to outdoor advertising, radio, television and print media. “SinPalabras Creativos” created communication materials based on authentic testimonials from entrepreneurs close to them, adding a human and authentic touch to the narrative.

As a spectacular closing, three videos were made highlighting the year’s award winners, highlighting their achievements and contributions. The culmination of this initiative was the awards ceremony at the Palacio de Congresos in Zaragoza, an event that sought to balance solemnity with fun.

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