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17 julio 2024

El Tubo de Zaragoza joins the #PorElClima initiative to fight climate change

This project, promoted by Coca-Cola and the Ecodes Foundation, encourages the hospitality sector to promote more sustainable practices in their daily lives. Up to 30 establishments in the emblematic tapas area of the Aragonese capital have committed to change their electricity consumption to green energies.

El Tubo is the most popular tapas area in Zaragoza, its streets are walked every weekend by thousands of people, locals and visitors, and is a symbol known outside the city. That is why it has been chosen by Coca-Cola and the Ecodes Foundation to join the Hospitality #PorElClima initiative, which seeks to engage bars and restaurants in the fight against climate change and for decarbonization.

It is located in the Barrio de San Gil in the old part of the city, bounded by Plaza España, Calles Alfonso I, Don Jaime I and Méndez Núñez.
El Tubo Zaragoza is well known for its gastronomic offer, it is the most popular and successful tapas area of the city, full of bars and restaurants. Its premises are open every day of the week and you can go for lunch or dinner, although it is an area that is usually livelier in the afternoon-evening during the week and on weekends at any time of the day.

Thus, a total of 30 establishments in El Tubo have been audited to qualify the measures they have implemented in four main categories: water, waste, energy and responsible consumption. Saving water with flow reducers installed in their taps, using LED bulbs, reusing glass or reducing the use of plastics are some of the measures promoted by the hospitality industry to combat climate change. And now, thanks to El Tubo #PorElClima they will be evaluated to find opportunities for improvement. In addition, participants in the initiative have committed to change their electricity consumption to green energy. Thus, they will become ‘0 emissions’, since almost 90 percent of the greenhouse gases produced by the hospitality sector come from the electricity they consume.

Thanks to all this, the 30 bars and restaurants will become the spearhead of environmental awareness in Zaragoza’s hospitality industry, serving as an example and mirror for other establishments that also want to make a commitment. In this way, Coca-Cola and Ecodes aspire that more and more businessmen of the sector bet for the sustainable practices and increase the environmental awareness.

All collaborating businesses in El Tubo de Zaragoza will be identified with a sticker at the entrance, which will serve to recognize them as businesses committed to the environment and the fight against climate change.

The initiative’s website, a tool open to the entire hospitality industry

The #PorElClima Hospitality website aims to become a meeting point for all establishments that are environmentally conscious. Therefore, owners can find tools, tips and recommended practices to improve energy efficiency, reduce water consumption or promote sustainable waste management. Hoteliers also have access to a calculator to find out the carbon footprint generated by their electricity and heating consumption, or to learn about the business success stories of establishments participating in the initiative.

In addition, the project aims to promote a ‘green recovery’ for the hotel and catering industry after the Coronavirus crisis, turning the commitment to sustainability into a tool for the economic reactivation of many businesses after the slowdown in their activity.

Framed within Coca-Cola’s sustainability strategy and the initiative Comunidad #PorElClima, promoted by Ecodes, this campaign has the collaboration of the Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de España and has more than 900 establishments adhered throughout the country.

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