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17 julio 2024

Entity Internacional Aerospace Coating LTD awarded use of paint hangar at Teruel Airport

This company has been proposed by the Contracting Board as the successful bidder of the public domain concession for the private use of this hangar.

The fee offered for the annual concession is 755,000 euros per year (VAT excluded) and for a term of 25 years. The contract is expected to be signed in December to be operational in 2023, once the necessary adaptations have been made to carry out the activity. It is estimated that around 70 people could work in this new facility.

The president of the Teruel Airport Consortium, José Luis Soro, stressed that “we hope that in the coming months a new activity will be launched at the airport”.

In addition, Soro explained that “this means not only the creation of more jobs, but also the addition of a new activity to the aircraft maintenance and repair cycle, making the airport an even more competitive industrial facility”.

Teruel Airport has also valued very positively the arrival of a new company to the facilities, which has also offered a much higher fee than the minimum established for the concession. The minimum bidding fee was 304,279.06 euros per year.

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