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Experience the magic of Christmas in Zaragoza; Discover, over 500 activities awaiting you.

This holiday season Zaragoza is transformed into a winter wonderland offering a lineup of leisure activities. The citys Christmas program is more diverse than before spreading joy throughout every neighborhood. Whether you’re a resident or visitor the holiday spirit will enchant you. Explore the additions and experiences that will make your Christmas in Zaragoza truly unforgettable.

Exciting Innovations in the Historic Center;
Starting from December 1st until January 7th Plaza del Pilar will feature a mailbox at City Hall standing at a height of three meters. You’ll also find four placed mailboxes at Centro Cívico Río Ebro, Valdespartera Market, Centro Cívico Almozara and Centro Cívico Las Delicias.

The festive spirit extends to Zaragozas trams with captivating decorations adorning stations along their route. Embark on a journey as you travel through the city.

Revitalizing Commercial Areas;
A groundbreaking initiative brings than a hundred performances to the areas of 15 neighborhoods. This boosts the vibrancy of businesses through events, theater performances cheerful elves spreading joy and even appearances, by Santa Claus himself.
Sure! Here’s the paraphrased version;

This special promotion will be available, from December 15th to January 4th except on December 25th and January 1st.

Under the theme of “Zaragoza Ilusiona Live a Christmas Movie ” the city aims to create an joyful atmosphere for families. They plan to spread this joy through advertisements on billboards, municipal buildings, social media platforms – sharing the emotions that are commonly experienced during this time of year.

There will be a range of entertainment options. From childrens shows like “Les Ju” to theater performances like “Eskimales,” music by the Dixie Band and lively parades such as “Cenizo & Cia” or “Chirivi de la PAI.” The Plaza del Pilar will be hosting the Christmas Exhibition, which will serve as the center of fun with over 70 activities including a Nativity scene and the return of the Artisan Market.

For our ones there will be experiences awaiting them in Dreamland – the city of dreams. They can explore Santas House enjoy a ride on the carousel or experience adventures in Snow City.. If thats not enough they can hop on board the Christmas Express train. Additionally in Hispanidad area there will be pony rides along, with Zaragozas largest ice rink.

Market Activities;
During the holiday season the citys markets will offer a range of activities totaling 130 in number. The Mercado Central will serve as the attraction featuring visits, from Santa Claus and the Three Kings well as food tastings, cooking demonstrations and an impressive Nativity scene.

Community Events in Districts and Neighborhoods;
To bring the spirit to every part of the city over 170 performances will take place in districts and neighborhoods. These events will include theater shows, live music performances, captivating dance routines, mesmerizing magic shows, hilarious comedy acts, thrilling circus acts, exhibitions showcasing talent and traditions that are associated with Christmas. There will be something for everyone to enjoy regardless of age.

Cultural Delights in Iconic Venues;
The renowned theaters like Teatro Principal and Teatro del Mercado have curated a lineup of performances for this holiday season. Among them is the beloved classic “Cuento de Navidad” (A Christmas Carol). Additionally special concerts will take place at Zaragozas Auditorium while municipal museums open their doors to showcase exhibitions.

Festive Illuminations Throughout Zaragoza;
Zaragozas streets will come alive with dazzling Christmas lights that adorn 91 squares, avenues, streets as public spaces all around the city. Notably featured is an illuminated Christmas ball situated at Plaza de César Augusto which includes a musical spectacle.

This year promises to be truly magical, in Zaragoza. A destination where you can partake in celebrations and create cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere that permeates every corner of this city.

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