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“Teruel Airports Exciting Plans; A Game Changer, for the Global Aviation Industry”

In a move that is set to revolutionize the aviation industry Teruel Airport is gearing up for significant expansion with the approval of three groundbreaking projects. Recently given the go ahead by the Teruel Consortiums Board these initiatives mark a step in both current operations and future growth highlighting Teruels dedication to becoming a key player in Europes aviation sector.

Teruel Airport, already well known for its approach to aircraft recycling and maintenance is on the verge of a transformation. The approval of three expansion projects by the Board signifies a moment in the airports trajectory.

The first of these initiatives involves upgrading and expanding the Phase V parking area with an allocated budget of €13.82 million and an estimated completion time of 15 months. This expansion aims to enhance the capacity for long term aircraft parking solidifying Teruels position as a leader in this category, alongside its core activities of aircraft recycling and maintenance.

The second approved project focuses on enlarging the Phase III aircraft parking platforms with a budget allocation of €2.28 million and an estimated completion time of 6 months.
This expansion not offers space, for airplanes to park but also makes it easier to accommodate larger planes, like the A 380 and B 747.

The third approved project involves creating a parking area in front of the services building, which will add 160 extra parking spots. Along with meeting the needs of employees this initiative aims to attract talent as the airports operations grow. These improvements are anticipated to generate around 500 job opportunities supplementing the existing 433 positions and resulting in a total of 900 direct jobs, along with approximately 3,600 indirect positions over the next four years.

Teruel airport

“We must improve our airport facilities. With more employees coming in we need parking spaces ” Octavio López, Councilor of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics and President of the Teruel Airport Consortium emphasized. Additionally these parking facilities will be constructed sustainably by incorporating canopies equipped with panels as part of the airports commitment to renewable energy.

Aside from these projects other initiatives within the Teruel Airport Platform (PLATA) were disclosed during the Board meeting. Notably Emipesa is currently making progress on fencing and roadworks, in the aerospace zone. The completion is expected soon as these measures will segregate the aerospace area from aircraft parking lot.
At the time construction work is underway, for a warehouse in the zone covering an area of 5,000 square meters. It is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024 and has a projected cost of €1.75 million. Urbialba Emipesa, a venture is responsible for this project.

Additionally another warehouse spanning 1,500 meters is currently being built in the part of the area where the former shooting range booths were located. The joint venture mentioned earlier is also overseeing this eight month construction phase with an estimated cost of €1.29 million.

The expansion plans for Teruel Airport are highly ambitious. Signify a milestone in its development. These projects will not establish its position as a player in the European aviation sector but also attract discerning entrepreneurs within the industry due to over €76 million, in investments. Teruel Airports future undoubtedly holds success and transformative growth on a scale.#TeruelAirport #AviationInnovation #GlobalExpansion

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