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LEADERSHIP AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: why it affects you, your industry, your customers and your bottom line


We have just entered a new year and it seems to be the time for projects and goals. Plans that we may not be enthusiastic about or want to undertake. Perhaps it would be more productive to question or reflect on some aspects that came to the forefront during 2023 and are more effective for us.

That AI is among us is already a truism, but whether we think it has anything to do with our day-to-day lives is another matter, as is the case with leadership. In any company, training, training and/or management manual, we will come across the word LEADERSHIP. But believing that it has to do with each one of us is less frequent. There are multiple interpretations of this concept that detract from its value, while at the same time distorting it. If we think of leadership as the capacity to influence, we will realize that we all, to a greater or lesser extent, assume an influence and, therefore, a leadership. Firstly, on ourselves; secondly, on those around us; and thirdly, on results. We all assume leadership, as we influence these factors. The challenge, the objective to be addressed, is to make this influence conscious in order to reinforce, change or incorporate new factors that make it more effective.

With regard to AI, something similar happens, since we think that although it is among us, it does not have to do with each one of us. In organizations we are all leaders, some will be so by determination of functions (they will lead teams or people) and others because they will lead their own projects alone. Being leaders in this context is nothing more than having a broad and extensive understanding of how and for what purpose to use technology in our daily work and likewise evaluating and weighing up the best AI solutions for the objectives we want to achieve. And it is not only a task for management to take on, each person can learn what technology will facilitate their tasks and incorporate it.

To think that AI does not suit us, our position or specific functions, is to have an influence that is not in our best interests. It doesn’t matter if we individually think that AI is alien to us; some of our peers will think otherwise, our superiors will use it and our customers, collaborators and suppliers are already using it in one way or another. And all of this will influence not only the company’s bottom line, but our own as well, and given the speed of change, with repercussions closer than we think.

We believe that the gap between young and senior talent is determined by age, when it is the ability to lead, to adapt to change, to take advantage of that experience in the sector or in the company and combine it with technology to be more efficient and effective that makes the difference.

Leadership means self-knowledge, knowing myself to lead myself. How much am I anchored to repetitive tasks that I could delegate to some AI? Do I know applications, programs, services or other AI-derived ones that would improve my productivity, that would make it faster and more efficient? Do I expand my context or do I remain with ways and ways of working that have not changed practically since I started in the position?

In the labor market everything has been invented, our product or service is offered in other companies, what makes the difference in this twenty-first century? Without a doubt, technology and the use we make of it will determine our businesses, our jobs and our lives. We don’t need to believe it or incorporate it, we just need to observe what those who stand out in our sector are doing, where the markets are evolving, how our customers are proceeding and above all how they are buying, how we trade and negotiate with suppliers and what results we are obtaining.

Let’s lead our day to day, let’s jump on the AI bandwagon and see that it is here to stay and to make our lives much easier.

Learn more about Marisa Felipe in this exclusive interview with GoAragón.

MARISA FELIPE Leadership expert, professional executive coach.

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