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It’s nice to walk around the city!

Well, especially when the wind isn’t blowing.

In a park near my house, I was surprised by a young man with two dogs.

One white and the other white with brown spots.

The owner had a rubber ball in his hand and the game consisted of throwing it to see which of the two dogs would catch it.

The white one didn’t stop, he ran, jumped, went back and forth. He entered all the owner’s attempts to throw, while the one with the spots watched, I would almost say that he observed the owner’s movements.

The owner finally threw the ball and… the dog with the spots, who seemed to be standing still, jumped up, ran out and caught the ball, while the other dog, the one that didn’t stop, followed behind.

The spotted one, obedient, gave the ball back to the owner and… again the game of fakes, one dog jumping and running and, meanwhile, the other one watching.

For the second time, he threw the ball and once again the spotted one, the observer, got the prize.

Out of ten throws I saw, the “observer” caught nine and the one that didn’t stop, only one.

This story is perfect for me to explain the concept of “Sales Enablement”.

It translates as sales enablement or sales training, but it is much more.

It is the transformation of the sales department from being only effective (objectives) to also being efficient (resources).

It is not just thinking about how to sell more, but how to sell better.

The dog that watched the owner’s movements to know when he was going to throw the ball and use all his energy at that moment, as opposed to the dog that kept moving and entering all the threats, but only caught one of the balls.

That is “Sales Enablement”: process improvement, alignment of objectives, customer knowledge and, of course, commercial learning and the necessary tools.

Optimize and monetize sales activities to improve the company’s profitability.

By the way, is your commercial activity like the white one or the spotted one?

Alejandro Hijar Fatas

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