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Success of the first edition of the Fiestas Goyescas in Zaragoza, the capital of Goya

The videomapping has generated a great expectation with about 25,000 attendees, as well as the inaugural parade with 500 participants and about 18,000 people in public, or the baptism of the new Giants of the municipal Comparsa with 6,000 attendees.

The first edition of the Goyescas Festival closes with a “very positive balance, but with the desire to improve and grow much more next year”, said the Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza and Councilor for Culture and External Projection, Sara Fernandez, who reviewed some of the figures compiled by the various municipal services and participating and collaborating entities.


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In terms of attendance, the videomapping “Goya, the master stroke” has been the most successful, accumulating nearly 25,000 attendees between its various passes. Next in success was the inaugural parade with about 18,000 people among the public who went to tuck in the 500 people who paraded: 125 participants in costume workshops Chamber of Commerce, 14 residents of Fuendetodos, 6 recreationists, 24 musicians, 10 dancers paloteao, 55 professional actors, 100 people Interpeñas and 150 Union Peñista de Zaragoza, and the company Caleidoscopio.

Also outstanding was the welcome given to the two new Giants of the municipal Comparsa, Francisco de Goya and Josefina Bayeu, who were received by more than 6,000 people and in their tour through the streets of the center reached a total of 16,000 attendees. The same success that has reaped the Napoleonic Camp and the photocall of Goya’s paintings, where it is estimated that 10,000 people have passed daily. Similarly, the opening speech and the closing with the drumming of the Junta de Cofradías and the pyromusical show were very well received and gathered at the gates of the Town Hall to 8,000 and 5,500 people respectively.

Finally, more than 3,000 Zaragozans attended the different musical performances, a thousand people attended the Museo en Vivo with more than 70 extras and 500 families attended the Muro de Arte para Jóvenes where the youngest children left 188 drawings inspired by Goyaesque art.


“The municipal offices of Zaragoza Tourism have registered this weekend 1,778 consultations, which is 38% more than in the same weekend of 2021,” said Sara Fernandez, who has qualified that, “although we have not yet reached the pre-pandemic figures of 2019, the hospitality sector of the city has conveyed to us that all these city events favor a faster economic recovery and represent an attraction for Zaragoza compared to other destinations.” In fact, it is estimated that this weekend has increased by 5% hotel occupancy in the city, while the average stay, according to data from Zaragoza Tourism, has been 2-3 days (80%).

Regarding visitors, 34% were foreigners (France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Argentina and Belgium) and, specifically, 29% of the total were French. The busiest day at the tourist offices was Saturday, with almost 800 inquiries, and the main reason for the visit was monumental/cultural (85%). Among the information requested, museums (30%) and tourist services and Goyesque Festivities (13%) stand out.

During these days several tourist services have been offered in which a total of 1,054 people have participated (guided tours, Tourist Bus and viewpoint of the Torreón de la Zuda). And on the occasion of the Goyesca Festivities, the offer of tourist services had been extended with the promotion 2×1 in Tourist Bus, Megabus, and walks on Goya. All the services filled their available places. Specifically, 338 people attended the various guided tours, such as the Route to La Seo, Route to the Basilica del Pilar, Divertour, visits to the Real Maestranza, or the aforementioned guided tours of Goya. The routes with Tourist Informers (Casco Histórico and Paseo de Foto por la Ribera) have been attended by 25 participants; 576 travelers have boarded the Day Tourist Bus and Megabus; and 115 people have been able to enjoy the views of the Mirador de las Cuatro Culturas del Torreón de la Zuda, which was decorated with Goyaesque motifs, as well as the Tourist Office in the Plaza del Pilar.


As for the activity and interest generated through social platforms, Zaragoza Cultural has reached more than 150,000 impacts on social networks, while Zaragoza Tourism has spread the Goyesque Festivities through its promotional campaigns to some 495,316 impacts, to which they add more than 207,000 through their networks. A trend that has also been highlighted by the other organizers of these celebrations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, which has seen its activity and interactions on social networks increase by 286%.

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