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5 things you should know about the Cathedral of Jaca

The Cathedral of Jaca is the first Romanesque cathedral built in Spain. It hides wonders that attract countless tourists to the town.

The Cathedral of Jaca hides wonders that attract countless tourists to the town. Jaca is located in the province of Huesca and is 458 km away from the capital of Spain.

The beginning of its construction dates back to the end of the 11th century during the reign of Sancho Ramírez. One of the main reasons for the construction of this cathedral is that it served as a very important religious and political place. This cathedral represents one of the most emblematic monuments of Spanish Romanesque art.

Its exterior is made of stone, its roof was initially made of wood, but it was built with stone as a result of a fire in 1447. Another of the most outstanding features of the design of this cathedral is the so-called Jaqueño checkerboard on its exterior.

You can visit this cathedral accompanied by a tour guide who explains the history of each place inside. It is a unique experience that attracts thousands of tourists annually in Jaca. Not only tourists from other Spanish provinces visit Jaca, but also foreigners, and in this article we will tell you what makes it special!

What are the 5 things you should know in the Cathedral of Jaca?

The Cathedral of Jaca opens its doors every day of the week from 8:30 am. There are 5 things you can’t miss when visiting this tourist site, below, we mention them:

Chapel of Santa Orosia

This cathedral has several majestic and interesting chapels. Among them we find the chapel of Santa Orosia with a very outstanding baroque style. On the walls of this chapel you can see designs that tell the life of Santa Orosia, it is an excellent way to recreate its history.

Chapel of San Miguel Arcángel

The chapel of San Miguel Arcángel dates from the year 1521, several saints are contemplated in this work, among them San Juan Bautista, San Lucas, among others. This chapel has a work made of wood in which tourists can see St. Michael the Archangel battling with a dragon.

Diocesan Museum

This museum is located in the Cathedral of Jaca. In its exhibitions to the public we find the religious art of the Diocese of this place. Among the artistic things that we can contemplate we find paintings, sculptures and recovered Aragonese. There are also wood carvings of Christ crucified and paintings rescued from other churches in Spain.

The cost of admission to this museum includes a guided tour and in a period of one hour you can visit it completely. The historical information that the guides offer to the visitors of the Diocesan Museum is very interesting and complete.

Altarpiece of the Annunciation

5 things you should know about the Cathedral of Jaca
In this impressive altarpiece we find several works that capture the attention of visitors. Among these works are the Last Supper, an image of the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel with the dove representing the Holy Spirit. Another work that we observe in this altarpiece is the one called El Calvario.

Chapel of San Jerónimo

It is located in the south apse of the Cathedral of Jaca and preserves a tomb of an important bishop for the cathedral who died in 1573. This chapel has a dividing grille so that the public can see it from a distance. The history of this chapel is very interesting, above the tomb is displayed the figure of Bishop Baguer.

This cathedral preserves very interesting catholic historical data, as well as works dating from past centuries. Touring the Cathedral of Jaca with a guide is the best alternative to know everything about it.

Although we mentioned 5 fundamental attractions to see in this cathedral, there are many more that will capture your attention when you enter.

How to visit Jaca?

Jaca is one of the most visited municipalities in the province of Huesca. Tourists prefer it because of its pleasant climate and interesting places to visit. There are several alternatives or ways to go to Jaca. You can get to Huesca by plane and then take a train to Jaca.

There is also the alternative of taking a bus from Huesca to Jaca, the travel time is 2 hours. Many people go from other provinces to Jaca in their private cars, so they can enjoy a family trip. Trains and buses from Jaca work every day of the week from early in the morning.

Why visit the Cathedral of Jaca?

If you are a catholic person or you are a traveler passionate about the history of every place you visit, you should not miss a visit to the Cathedral of Jaca. This is the most popular and emblematic place of this town, both its exterior and interior take you back in time.

It is the first Romanesque cathedral located in Spain. The location of this cathedral is central, even in its surroundings there are restaurants and hotels. Visiting this cathedral in its entirety will take a couple of hours in which you will learn a lot about Catholic history.

Live an experience full of history in the Cathedral of Jaca.

5 things you should know about the Cathedral of Jaca

Those who are true art lovers will appreciate what the Cathedral of Jaca represents. From the entrance you can see the decoration, which despite being old is still in very good condition. If you visit it at night you will notice that under its illumination the perception is even more pleasant.

Many tourists emphasize that inside this cathedral they can feel a lot of peace and tranquility. So they recommend to all who visit Jaca not to miss this experience. Among the services that the guide staff offers, there is an exclusive video that shows how many works were transferred from other churches to the cathedral.

In GoAragon you can learn more about this cathedral and all the emblematic sites that stand out in the province of Huesca. Visit the platform and have access to daily updated tourist content.

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