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Serenna Lynn-Geldof: “I am happy that I can continue exploring Zaragoza next season”

Serenna Lynn-Geldof (Ostende, 1997) has been part of the best season in the history of the women team of Casademont Zaragoza. This has been...

ARPA, Spain’s leading mobile healthcare infrastructure company, collaborates in NEOM, the city of the future in Saudi Arabia

NEOM is the name of the new city and economic-technological area, with a surface area three times the size of Cyprus, which Saudi Arabia...

Baliera Valley: Provençal Charm in the Province of Huesca

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Baliera Valley, an enchanting corner that seems to be taken from the French Provence, but is located...

The Santa Isabel de Portugal Church: An architectural jewel in the heart of Zaragoza

Discover the history of its construction, the architect responsible and the most remarkable things that can be seen inside. In addition, explore the charming...

Medieval Treasures: Discover the Route of the Castles in Teruel

From the vestiges of Rubielos de Mora to the imposing castle of Mora de Rubielos, each stop on this route will take you through...

11 Dream Castles in the Province of Huesca: Immerse Yourself in the History and Beauty of These Medieval Fortresses

In the province of Huesca, majestic witnesses of a past full of history and legends stand majestic: the impressive medieval castles that are distributed...

Jazzmeia Horn: The Seductive Voice of Contemporary Jazz will illuminate the Zaragoza Jazz Festival

Born in Dallas, Texas, Jazzmeia Horn has blossomed into an accomplished jazz performer and singer. Inspired by the greats of the genre, such as...

Motorcycle route through the castles of Huesca: Explore the medieval history in a weekend

Embark on an exciting motorcycle adventure through the province of Huesca and discover the impressive castles that stand as witnesses of medieval history. On...

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