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The outcrop masters transform Zaragoza Blossoms into a floral paradise

Discover the dazzling floral world at the Zaragoza Florece Festival, where floral masters have brought to life breathtaking installations that captivate the senses and awaken emotions. From the Puente de los Cantautores to the Quiosco de la Música, every corner of the event has been transformed into a magical setting where nature and art intertwine in perfect harmony. These internationally renowned designers and florists have surpassed all expectations by creating masterpieces that convey the passion, delicacy and majesty of flowers. Immerse yourself in this festival of color and fragrance, and let yourself be carried away by the ephemeral beauty that only flowers can provide. Zaragoza Florece is much more than an event, it is a sensory experience that will transport you to a dream world where nature becomes art and passion blooms in every petal.

The Zaragoza Florece Festival dresses up with the presence of outstanding floral masters who have created impressive installations in various corners of the event. These talented designers and florists, coming from different parts of the world, have left their mark on the festival with works that evoke passion, beauty and connection with nature. From majestic glass walkways to cascades of flowers and colorful intervened spaces, each installation is a showcase of creativity and artistry that will delight visitors and immerse them in a floral dream world.

Carlos Curbelo, renowned designer, set designer and florist of the City Council of Guía de Isora, has left his mark in Zaragoza Florece once again. On this occasion, his work “Pisando flores” is located at the Puente de los Cantautores, the main entrance to the Park and the festival. This impressive installation consists of a large glass walkway of 4×10 meters and 45 cm high. Inspired by violinist Ara Malikian’s melody of the same name, the walkway will be walkable, allowing attendees to enter it and turn it into a real “photocall” of the festival.

Frédéric Dupré, master florist who represented France at the World Cup in Berlin, has embellished the Batallador Staircase with his impressive “Myriade” exhibition. This floral masterpiece consists of cascades of flowers adorning the foreground of the staircase, while the background features palisades of foliage rising in perfect harmony. Red, crimson, fuchsia and violet tones, with touches of intense blue, predominate in this creation by the talented French florist.

Sefa Tur, who shone at the festival in 2021, returns with her work “Moon, Sun and Human Beings,” which is highlighted in the Music Kiosk. In this installation, circles predominate, highlighting a large one in the center. Although divided, this circle becomes the focus of attention of all viewers, attracting all eyes with its uniqueness and beauty.

Zaragoza Dinámica also joins the celebration with its installation entitled “Passion for Life”, located on Isabel Zapata Marín Street. The students of the Río Gállego Training Center have created a large tunnel of flowers that captivates visitors. Arches adorned with exotic leaves, feathers, lighting and neon lights create a magical and enchanting atmosphere in one of the most welcoming streets of Zaragoza Florece.

Edith Guzman, a Mexican designer, has transformed the Pajarera into a space full of passion for flowers. Her hoops of Finnish moss and wool intertwined in different colors create a reddish and pinkish mantle that will undoubtedly surprise attendees and will become one of the most memorable attractions of Zaragoza Florece.

Monica Vilanova, recognized as the Best Florist in Spain, intervenes in the bridges of Paseo de los Bearneses with her work “Entre Puentes”. Representing Rosa Valls Formació, Vilanova uses lilac, magenta and orange tones to embellish these spaces and create a visually captivating experience. The flowers are intertwined with decorative ribbons, completing this creative proposal that will surprise all visitors.

The Botanical Garden hosts the exhibitions of several artists selected by the Association of Florists of Aragon, making it an obligatory stop for flower lovers at Zaragoza Florece. Under the theme “Passion as the energy that gives wings to your dreams to connect with your inner child”, visitors will find two frames, a swing, a floral slide and the very entrance to the garden, which will transport us to childhood through flowers.

In conclusion, the installations of the floral masters at Zaragoza Florece have transformed the festival into a true floral paradise. Each work reflects the passion, talent and creativity of these artists, transporting visitors to a magical world full of life. Zaragoza Florece has established itself as an essential event for those who wish to marvel at the beauty of flowers and immerse themselves in a universe of color and fragrance.

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