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Discover the diversity of proposals in the Zaragoza Blossoms Festival beyond floral installations

The Zaragoza Florece Festival not only offers impressive floral installations that captivate visitors, but also a wide range of additional proposals to enjoy. From exhibitions and themed markets to gastronomic zones, literary activities and a varied musical program, this event becomes a true festival for the senses. Immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty, art, culture and flavors in the heart of Zaragoza.

The Zaragoza Florece Festival is known for its impressive floral installations that beautify the environment and evoke a passion for nature. However, this event goes beyond flowers and offers a wide range of additional proposals to delight visitors of all ages and interests. From historical exhibits and themed markets to gastronomic zones, literary activities and a vibrant musical program, the festival becomes a meeting place to enjoy a complete and enriching experience.

One of the highlights is the exhibition of the Municipal Archive, in collaboration with Zaragoza Florece. This exhibition of old photographs of Parque Grande and other green areas of the city takes visitors on a journey through time, allowing them to appreciate how Zaragoza’s parks have evolved over the years. It is a unique opportunity to explore the history and development of these green spaces and understand their importance in the city’s heritage.

The flower market is another highlight of the festival. With more than 30 wooden stalls, this market becomes a true paradise for flower and gardening lovers. Thousands of brightly colored flowers and intoxicating fragrances are displayed in this space, offering a unique experience for the senses. Zaragozan florists participating in the market strive to showcase their art and share their passion for flowers with visitors.

For lovers of good food, the gastronomic area is a place not to be missed. With the presence of foodtrucks offering a wide variety of creative, healthy and delicious options, this street market satisfies every palate. From gourmet burgers to signature bagels, oriental cuisine to Italian pizzas, there is something for everyone. In addition, chill out spaces scattered throughout the park invite visitors to relax and enjoy their meal in a cozy atmosphere.

If you are looking for a moment of rest and relaxation, the picnic area is the perfect place. Located near the food trucks and food stands, this area offers shady spots under the trees to enjoy an informal and pleasant meal. In addition, several DJs are in charge of setting the mood with their music, creating an unbeatable atmosphere to enjoy a quiet moment in the middle of the festival. in the middle of the festival.

Literature lovers also find their space in Zaragoza Florece. The Edelvives booktrucks return to the festival, offering books related to flowers and the environment, as well as educational toys focused on sustainable development. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase books and participate in a roulette with surprise prizes. The booktrucks are strategically distributed at different points of the festival, such as the Puente de los Cantautores, the Escalinata del Batallador, the side of the Escalinata and the Botanical Garden, inviting attendees to explore and immerse themselves in literature in a natural environment.

The Kiosk of Letters, in collaboration with the Board of Education and Libraries, is another point of interest for lovers of the arts and literature. In addition to functioning as an information point and a “take away” cafeteria, this space hosts various activities, such as the historical-artistic route “Monuments that tell stories”, which reveals the secrets and lesser-known stories of the Park’s monuments. There are also photography workshops, reading activities and theatrical performances for all ages.

The fun and learning continues in the activity area, which offers children’s workshops and activities for all ages. From 3D flower workshops and flower presses to cyanotype activities and light and shadow play, this area guarantees entertainment and creativity for all participants.

The festival’s musical program is another of its strong points, with a variety of musical styles performed on different stages throughout the four days of the event. The Puente de los Cantautores, the Quiosco de la Música, the Zona Picnic, the Nueva Arboleda and the Escalinata del Batallador become vibrant stages where talented local and international artists perform. From live performances to themed floral demonstrations, music is a central element that adds a unique atmosphere to Zaragoza Florece.

In short, the Zaragoza Florece Festival offers much more than beautiful floral installations. With proposals such as the exhibition of the Municipal Archive, the flower market, the gastronomic area, the literary activities, the booktrucks, the Kiosk of Letters, the activity area and the music program, this event becomes a meeting place for nature, art, culture and the enjoyment of the senses. Come and live an unforgettable experience in Zaragoza Florece and let yourself be carried away by the magic of nature at its best.

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