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What is Go Aragón?

What is Go Aragón?

Go Aragon is a platform (non-profit) of international diffusion of Aragon that was created with the aim of promoting the autonomous region and help to generate wealth in it.
It currently has a website and social networks, and is currently developing an app and websites designed for international dissemination, specifically within the EU, Russia and China.

Where did the idea of Go Aragón come from?

I have worked for a long time outside Spain and although you realise that Aragon has grown and has greatly enhanced its benefits, it is very difficult to access tourist information, for example, from abroad. During the pandemic I thought about how I could help my community to project its image abroad and this is the result.
Although the coronavirus pandemic has hit this territory hard, it has also served to force us to adapt to new realities and to enhance the excellence already achieved in some areas. I wanted a way to spread the word about what we excel in, to make us stand out beyond our borders, with the idea that if we were better known in some way it would benefit everyone. The idea that started as a comment to a friend took shape and grew, and that is the philosophy behind the creation of ‘goAragón’, a platform to promote Aragon abroad, in Spain and internationally.

The platform, from the beginning, has the vocation of adding and complementing the existing offer of tourism, food, gastronomy and information websites of Aragon, but with the aim of reaching foreign audiences potentially interested in the community. Therefore, the website in Spanish will be complemented with versions in English, Chinese and Russian; and we are planning to create French and Italian versions, all of which will have content adapted to these countries.

What makes us different?
The different ‘goAragón’ websites will allow users, whether they are in Badajoz, Moscow or Taiwan, to get to know our land. From a single website or app they will be able to access all the information and, from there, make a reservation for accommodation, a gastronomic experience and even buy products from Aragon.

The platform is conceived and designed to bring together the contents of different organizations, and that while the reader is informed of an attractive experience, you can make the reservation, without having to go to search on another website. Soon a booking engine for accommodation in the community will be indexed, thus facilitating the process for people who want to visit and spend the night in Aragon and a booking engine for restaurants in the community.
It will also promote the booking of all those tourist, gastronomic or cultural activities that are offered in the different provinces and to which ‘goAragón’ disseminates. The platform.

I hope this will improve the situation of many people and companies in some way, not immediately, but it will begin to sow the seeds. It is time to join forces and do our bit to build a better future for everyone.

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