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Zaragoza Promotes the First STEAM Office in Spain to Promote Scientific and Technological Vocations among Young People

Zaragoza City Council, in collaboration with CEOE Aragón and Directivas de Aragón, will promote the first STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) office in Spain. This project, announced on Friday, June 7, 2024, aims to promote scientific and technical professions among young people in the city. Mayor Natalia Chueca, together with the president of CEOE Aragón, Miguel Marzo, and the president of Directivas de Aragón, María Sasot, signed the framework agreement to establish this initiative.

Objectives and Scope of the Agreement

The initiative seeks to meet the growing demand for trained professionals in the technological field in Zaragoza. The signed agreement, called “+STEAM”, already has the support of clusters, cities and economic entities. This project is aligned with the Zaragoza City Council’s strategic actions, which include Open Government, the development of digital citizenship, smart city projects, technological innovation and the promotion of technology-based and creative entrepreneurship.

STEAM Office

The STEAM office will be the first of its kind in Spain and will focus on developing content and concrete actions to promote scientific, technological and technical skills among young people. Zaragoza City Council, CEOE and Directivas de Aragón will work together to shape this office in the coming months, with the aim of making it a benchmark in the promotion of these skills.

Public-Private Collaboration

The STEAM office will have an open vocation, promoting initiatives not only from the three signatories of the agreement, but also from those who have already signed it. This will strengthen public-private collaboration, involving educational institutions and professional associations, as well as clusters of key sectors in the community such as logistics (ALIA), energy (CLENAR), aerospace (AERA), pork (i+PORC), efficient use of water (ZINNAE) and audiovisual sector (CLADA).

Actions of the Zaragoza City Council

The Zaragoza City Council undertakes several actions aimed at attracting and retaining young talent, including:

1. housing and related formalities for young workers.
2. Procedures and services for family reconciliation.
3. Support for the return of expatriates.
4. Encouragement for Erasmus students to stay and work in Aragon.
5. Promotion of cultural and leisure activities.
6. Improvement of connections and value of the offer within 2 hours to and from Zaragoza.
7. Attraction of investment funds and other investors to boost the technological ecosystem.

First STEAM Congress

One of the first joint actions will be the organization of the first STEAM congress in Zaragoza, scheduled for the beginning of the next school year. This event will bring together students, teachers, companies and students of VET and University to address the importance of STEAM and its impact on the region. In addition, the City Council will organize and promote bootcamps, workshops, technical sessions and congresses for training and technological dissemination, with a particular focus on the inclusion of women in these areas.

Contribution to the Knowledge Society

The STEAM office project and related actions reflect Zaragoza City Council’s commitment to the knowledge society, technological development and the creation of new jobs. This initiative not only seeks to meet current labor market demand, but also to prepare the next generation of science and technology professionals, fostering sustainable and equitable economic growth in the region.

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