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19 junio 2024

The Teatro Principal celebrates its 225th anniversary with a prestigious and diverse artistic program

The Teatro Principal is preparing to commemorate this important date with a wide variety of events that will extend over the next 16 months.

The mayoress of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, today presented the proposals for the first four months, noting that the celebration will culminate at the end of 2025.

Since its opening in August 1799, the Teatro Principal has been a key venue for the performing arts and has played a fundamental role in the cultural life of Zaragoza. Given its historical relevance, the City Council will apply for the building to be recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest of the Spanish Historical Heritage.


Tickets for shows until the end of 2024 are already available, with highlights such as “Forever Van Gogh”, a theatrical work that narrates the life of painter Vincent van Gogh and makes use of artificial intelligence, as well as “This is Michael”, a tribute to Michael Jackson with the participation of Lenny Jay and guitarist Jennifer Batten.

The program also offers classics such as Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution,” Puccini’s opera “Tosca,” and a celebration of Aragonese folklore with “El Arte de la Jota.” In addition, there will be performances by renowned musicians and dance companies, such as Chano Domínguez and Martirio in the Jazz al Margen festival, Stravinsky’s “El Pájaro de Fuego,” and the Ballet Clásico de Cuba with shows such as “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

Additional commemorative activities

In addition to the aforementioned shows, a series of cultural activities will enrich the offerings of the Teatro Principal. Among them, two publishing projects stand out: a collaboration with Heraldo de Aragón to publish a special commemorative book and the updated reprint of the book “Teatro Principal Zaragoza” by Professor Amparo Martínez Herranz.
The monthly event “Charlas en el Principal”, directed by journalist and writer Antón Castro, will feature debates with renowned authors, actors and directors such as Dario Regattieri, Fernando Guillén, Pepa Gamboa and José Sacristán.

In addition, the theater will host a shadow show that will review its historical relevance in the film industry since 1896. There will also be a series of lectures on topics such as the plastic arts in the theater, its architecture and the artistic elements that embellish it.

Congress on Historic Theaters and presence in social networks

Zaragoza City Council has requested the inclusion of the Teatro Principal in the Iberian Route of Historic Theaters and plans to organize a congress dedicated to these theaters during the spring of 2025. A social media campaign will also be launched that will include short videos to share the history and day-to-day life of the theater, bringing it closer to the public in an educational and informative way.

Historic success in 2023

The year 2023 proved to be very successful for the Teatro Principal, with a 24.6% increase in revenues and a 13% increase in audience attendance, reaching a figure of 152,580 people. Among the most outstanding achievements was the musical “The Neverending Story”, which grossed more than one million euros at the box office.
With this exciting plan of activities, the Teatro Principal confirms its position as a cultural reference in Zaragoza and prepares to continue leaving its mark in the coming years. The commemoration of its 225th anniversary promises to be a memorable occasion that will pay tribute to its history and highlight its importance for the future.

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