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6 things you can not miss in Calaceite

Calaceite is an urban complex that is located in Matarraña and is characterized by being one of the best preserved in terms of heritage in the area, in this sense, we will see that many of the tourist destinations available in this town, are composed of manor houses, chapels, chapels, among others, this being a reminder of the local history and generating a picturesque and striking effect for visitors.

Calaceite can be considered as a great museum, since each of its tourist attractions is a sample of the history of the town, not to mention that there are spaces dedicated exclusively to show what happened in this region, such as the Juan Cabré Museum, which shows the findings of this illustrious archaeologist during his excavations.

Tourism in this locality moves according to the economic activities that are generated from the culture and history of Calaceite, being this the main reason why visitors come to this region, which also has an incredible geography where you can find different types of services for visitors.

If you are interested in knowing where you can go during your stay in Calaceite, we show you some of the most important destinations in the area so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Not to be missed in Calaceite

Visit the Plaza de España

Undoubtedly, this is one of the main tourist destinations in Calaceite, not to say that it is the center of the town. It is also known as Plaza Mayor or Plaza del Sitjar, which was built in the sixteenth century.

It is surrounded by emblematic portals where the market and popular assemblies are held in a traditional way, not to mention that in it converges the town hall building, which has a Renaissance style whose origins date back to 1609.

It is a very picturesque and special square where you can spend a different moment and at the same time, appreciate the culture and traditions of the town.

The streets of the old town

The streets of the old town of Calaceite are a spectacle, especially the Calle Mayor, also known as Calle Maella, which is one of the most beautiful places in town.

Here you can find a series of stately houses with their classic balconies and noble coats of arms, preserving in the best possible way the medieval style that characterizes this region.

The Parish Church of La Asunción

Automatically when leaving the Plaza España you will find this imposing parish church, which has a baroque style typical of the eighteenth century, but this is not the most impressive, but for many tourists it is also curious to know that it was built on a Gothic church four centuries older.

Among the main reasons why this church causes such an impression among visitors, is the fact that, being a small town, no one expects to find such a structure that also has a main door that has been decorated with Solomonic columns, showing the coat of arms of Calaceite.

The church is a sample of the ancient architecture of the place that is still preserved today and is considered part of the local heritage, hence tourists interested in history, culture and architecture are interested in visiting this special destination.

The Artists’ Square

If you are an art lover, this destination is perfect for you, since it is an iconic square that has become a meeting point for artists, researchers and writers from all over the world, standing out for its particular and very inspiring style.

The square also has a very important history, as it was built in 1999 as a recognition to the artists and intellectuals who have been in the town, so it has a very special value for them.

The Bassa

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most curious destinations of Calaceite, where previously there was a raft of really large dimensions that was intended to collect rainwater to supply the population, for raising livestock and horses.

In addition, it was the site where fish were raised and later sold with the intention of benefiting the Cofradía de la Sangre (Brotherhood of the Blood). It is a very special place with a lot of history, so it is well worth a visit before leaving Calaceite.

Portalet de Maella and the Chapel of the Virgin of the Pilar


Still no end of destinations, so before leaving Calaceite we recommend you visit other sites such as the Portalet de Maella which is located at the end of the street with the same name. This is the old gate of what was the defensive wall to protect the town in the eighteenth century.

Actually, it was built for religious purposes, being this the reason why just above it is a picturesque and attractive baroque chapel which opens its doors only on October 12 which is the day of Pilar or Corpus Christi day where religious activities are held on the site and you can better appreciate what houses this curious destination.

San Antonio Chapel Portal

Basically in the same way as the Chapel of the Virgen del Pilar, the Chapel of San Antonio was created just above the portal that receives the same name, giving view to an incredible baroque style chapel that generates a particular atmosphere to the town.

As you will see, most of Calaceite’s destinations are associated to the historical, religious and cultural component, being these the main reasons why tourists decide to visit this magical town. It is an ideal place to enjoy the architecture and learn a little more about the medieval customs and movements that took place in the town.

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