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The best destinations in Aragón to escape from overcrowded areas

Resting and disconnecting away from overcrowding and noise is possible. Aragon has the best places to escape from routine and enjoy the vacations in a magical and quiet environment. We present the best destinations in Aragon to escape from the crowds.

How many times have you dreamed of disconnecting in a nice and quiet place? With the hustle and bustle of the routine, the rush and the overcrowding, what you often want is to take a break and isolate yourself from the world for a few days. To find oneself again and to be calm, either alone or in good company. For this reason, Aragon is presented as the ideal land to connect with nature and one of the best places to dream with your eyes open.

Huesca and Teruel appear in the top three least crowded destinations according to the Weekendesk ranking. From Go Aragón, we propose some of the best places to escape from the people and the noise of the cities.

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Located in the central Pyrenees of Huesca in the region of Sobrarbe and declared National Heritage by UNESCO, the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido is the set of four valleys: Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta. The National Park is also doubly protected, as it is included in the UNESCO World Geopark of Sobrarbe-Pyrenees.

A Pyrenean jewel that treasures several three-thousanders such as Monte Perdido (3,355m) or Marboré. Besides standing out for its rich landscape, this natural site has a varied ecosystem composed of waterfalls, waterfalls of great beauty such as the Cola de Caballo or the Gradas de Soaso, and surrounding villages full of charm as Torla, Tella, Broto or Bielsa.

Ansó, Alquézar and Aínsa: three of Spain’s most beautiful villages

Three of the villages declared The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain are located in the province of Huesca, very close to each other.


Border town between Navarre and Aragon, this typical medieval Pyrenean village still preserves in very good condition its beautiful town center, considered a Historic-Artistic Site. In the last month of August you cannot miss the Festival of the Typical Ansotano Costume, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest. Nearby, there are spectacular spots such as the Zuriza and Linza valleys, an ideal destination for nature and mountain sports lovers, or the Protected Landscape of the Foces de Fago and Biniés. And as a curiosity, Ansó is one of the few places in the Pyrenees where bears live.

Valle de Ansó. (Foto: turismodearagon.com)


Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, this Medieval Village stands out for the Collegiate Church of Santa María de Alquézar. Prepared in ancient times for the defense of the attacks of the Christian kingdoms of Barbastro and Sobrarbe, this Muslim fortress surrounds the village in a beautiful picture worthy of admiration. In addition, Alquézar is part of the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara, making it an ideal destination to enjoy nature and adventure sports. We remind you the simple route of the footbridges of Alquézar, perfect to discover the beautiful corners of the Vero River.

Alquézar. (Foto: lospueblosmasbonitosdeespana.org)


Le village d’Ainsa est considéré comme l’un des villages médiévaux les plus beaux et les mieux conservés d’Espagne. Situé à proximité du parc naturel d’Ordesa et du Monte Perdido, Aínsa a été construit au XIIe siècle pour protéger le comté de Sobrarbe. Une belle photographie de village où se rencontrent les rivières Ara et Cinca, entourée de l’imposante Peña Montañesa. Visiter Aínsa, c’est comme remonter des siècles en arrière, un voyage dans le temps vers le Moyen Âge qui ne laisse personne indifférent.

Plaza Mayor de Aínsa. (Foto: magicospirineos.com)

Aragonese Tuscany: the region of Matarraña

The region of Matarraña, popularly known as the Aragonese Tuscany, is a perfect place to disconnect in a bucolic environment. Valderrobres and Calaceite are two of the villages in this area with the seal of quality of The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain. A unique opportunity to get to know this picturesque land of wine and oil is through slow driving, a tourist product in vogue that simulates the Route 66 in the Aragonese style. This way you can discover the secrets of this region and get lost in its multitude of trails and farmhouses in the middle of nowhere.

(Foto: turismodearagon.com)

In addition, in the Matarraña converge art and nature. Beceite is the best opportunity to be in contact with nature. Walking on beautiful turquoise waters is possible on the route of the footbridges of El Parrizal or take a dip in the natural pools of La Pesquera. If what interests you is to enjoy nature and exercise at the same time, we recommend the Vía Verde Val de Zafán, a route of rails converted into a path to contemplate from above the mountainous massif of the Puertos de Beceite.

Teruel, capital of the Mudejar

The most romantic city of Aragon, capital of the Mudejar and dinosaurs, treasures in its interior a great artistic beauty. The towers of El Salvador, San Martín and San Pedro together with the dome and the roof of the Cathedral of Teruel are the great exponents of the Mudejar style in Teruel, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. In addition, Teruel is the scene of the Lovers of Teruel, the tragic story of Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla that every year comes to life in the streets in a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

On the outskirts of Teruel you will find Territorio Dinópolis. Go back in time 4,500 million years to discover the fantastic world, life and extinction of the dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth.

Thermalism in Aragon: the best spas for relaxation

Thermalism is a tourist attraction increasingly demanded by travelers. Tranquility in the middle of a bucolic and privileged environment is possible in Aragon through its incredible spas.

Spas of Jaraba

Jaraba is one of the most important thermal areas of the Community. Not in vain, three different spas have been built here. The Sicilia spa has more than a hundred years of history and is a perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation and rest as a couple, and also accompanied by children, because it has activities prepared for the little ones.

The Serón spa boasts of having adapted to the times by incorporating the most modern techniques for the use of medicinal waters, among them, its salt chamber stands out. In the vicinity of the Mesa river, is the spa of the Virgin, a bicentennial establishment whose waters were declared of mineral-medicinal character in 1869, although there are texts that speak about its use in the second century BC.

Ariño Spa

Inaugurated in 2015, this spa is the most modern in Aragon. Not only its thermal treatments stand out, but one of the main attractions of the spa lies in its accommodation. In addition to having a 4-star hotel, you can also stay in one of its six exclusive villas. Without getting out of bed, you can see the nature of the Sierra de Arcos, both day and night, because the low light pollution will allow you to fall asleep while watching the stars.

You can also enjoy this spectacle if you choose one of its night treatment programs, which are received in the outdoor jacuzzi. This place is one of the best forms of sustainable tourism in Aragon and has been recognized with several distinctions, such as the ‘Talento empleo Aragón’ awards.

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