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An application to discover the churches of Serrablo

Thanks to this App interested people will be able to know better the churches of Serrablo.

The Serrablo has a digital application, promoted by the Government of Aragon and in collaboration with the region of Alto Gállego, which offers detailed information on each of the 19 churches of “Serrablo style” located in the region.
The application allows people who visit the churches of Serrablo to have a virtual assistant who will guide them along their route through geolocation, offering information on the route in general and on each of the buildings.
Without the need for a specific physical support for the audioguides, visitors will be able to listen or read the explanations in their own language on their cell phone via the APP. The content of the APP is managed from a website. The phone application, in addition to being accessible, can guide visually impaired visitors through the visit.Once downloaded the APP, available for Android and IOSS, the user can choose the language in which the information is offered (Aragonese, Spanish, French, English, Basque, Catalan or Galician) and, since the APP recognizes the place where the person carrying the cell phone is located, he/she can view the photographs, read or listen to the information in the selected language and access complementary information through the proposed links.
For the realization of this application, we have used the automatic interlanguage translators developed in the LINGUATEC program and developed the “vocal synthesis” of Aragonese, an automated (robotic) reading that already existed in other languages.
The project has been financed through the LINGUATEC Program, completed with a collaboration agreement between the General Directorate of Linguistic Policy of the Government of Aragon and the Alto Gállego Region.

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