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Aragon: a magnet for Chinese investment

The interest of Chinese companies in Aragon has intensified in recent times, a phenomenon that became evident after the recent visit of the Chinese ambassador to Spain, Yao Jing, to the autonomous community. The President of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, highlighted this growing attention in a meeting where he shared with Chinese businessmen the multiple opportunities offered by the Aragonese economy.

Azcón stressed that Aragon, with an open and prosperous economy, is more than willing to receive Chinese investment. “Chinese companies are aware of the potential that our region offers and are eager to take advantage of these opportunities,” he stated after his meeting with the ambassador. This relationship, according to the president, is crucial to the economic future of the community.

Key Sectors for Investment

Aragon has emerged as an attractive destination for investment, especially in sectors such as automotive, technology and renewable energy. “The automotive sector is fundamental to our economy, representing 20% of the autonomous region’s GDP and generating thousands of jobs,” said Azcón. In addition, Aragon’s geostrategic location has made logistics an indispensable sector, thanks to the region’s unbeatable connections.

Technology is another pillar of the Aragonese economy, with a growing weight in the regional GDP. “We are committed to innovation, and large technology companies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have chosen Aragon to develop their cloud projects,” said the president. This approach seeks to position the community as the “Virginia of southern Europe”.

In the field of renewable energies, Aragon stands out with its 178 wind farms and 112 solar installations. Azcón emphasized the government’s intention to expand this infrastructure in an orderly manner, consolidating the region as a benchmark in green energy generation.

Tourism and Cultural Potential

It is not all about industry and technology. Azcón also highlighted Aragon’s rich cultural and natural heritage, inviting potential investors and tourists to discover the region’s attractions. “Tourism can serve as a window into the soul of our peoples, strengthening mutual understanding and appreciation,” he concluded.

Meeting with Shaoxing: A Golden Opportunity

Azcon’s meeting with a business and administrative delegation from Shaoxing, a city of nearly five million people, underscores the real possibilities for collaboration. “I hope that this interest will bear fruit in concrete collaborations between Aragonese and Chinese companies,” the president said.


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