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Amazon Web Services will boost Aragon’s technological future with a historic investment of 15.7 billion euros


The president of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, today announced an unprecedented investment in the history of the community: Amazon Web Services (AWS) will allocate 15.7 billion euros to expand its data centers in Aragon. This monumental project, which will run from 2024 to 2033, is the largest economic investment by a company in Aragon and the largest technology investment in Spain and southern Europe.

A milestone for Aragon’s economy

The AWS project will not only transform the region’s technology landscape, but will also have a significant impact on employment and the local economy. According to Azcón, the investment will generate 6,800 full-time jobs annually in Aragon, and 17,500 across Spain. These figures reflect AWS’s commitment to the country’s economic and technological development.

“This new investment by AWS positions Aragon, not only as a technological powerhouse in Spain, but also as a technological hub of the first order on a continental and global level,” said Azcón during the ‘Aragón Hub Tecnológico’ breakfast briefing, held at the Torre del Agua in Zaragoza.

Impact on GDP and technological infrastructure

The economic impact of this investment on Aragon’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be enormous, estimated at 12.9 billion euros, representing more than 30% of the community’s current GDP. This growth reflects not only the importance of the AWS investment, but also Aragon’s potential to become a technology leader.

Suzana Curic, general manager of AWS in Spain and Portugal, highlighted the reasons behind the choice of Aragon as the location for its Cloud Region: “The availability of land, access to sustainable energy sources, a solid and consolidated business fabric, local talent and the huge growth potential were the main reasons why we had to be here.”

Government support and educational strategies

Azcón thanked AWS for its decision and reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Aragon to lead the European technology sector. To support this transformation, technology education will be promoted through the expansion of places in university and vocational training degrees demanded by technology companies.

In addition, the creation of a large technology park of more than 40 hectares in Zaragoza is foreseen. This infrastructure will be key to attracting more investment and fostering innovation in the region.

Commitment to training and the community

AWS has also demonstrated its commitment to training talent and creating technology jobs in Aragon. Notable initiatives include the Think Big Space program, designed to train students from local schools, and various educational programs to help unemployed and technical profiles to specialize.

“From AWS we reinforce our commitment to Aragon and its people, as well as to Spain,” said Curic, stressing the crucial role of training in the development of a robust technology ecosystem.

Aragon: a promising future

President Azcón emphasized Aragon’s immense potential, highlighting its strategic geographical position as one of Europe’s main logistics hubs and its capacity to generate renewable energies. Social peace and commitment to dialogue and growth have been key factors in attracting investment and fostering industrial development.

With this investment, Aragon is poised to become a global technological benchmark, boosting the regional economy and positioning itself as a center of innovation and development in Southern Europe. The collaboration between AWS and the Government of Aragon promises a future full of opportunities and sustainable growth for the community.

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