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Aragon guarantees the viability of tourism projects in the Pyrenees with the reallocation of funds

The Sectorial Conference of Tourism has approved the redistribution of funds destined to the Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destination of the 2021 and 2022 calls. This measure will make it possible to safeguard essential projects for the region, unblocking crucial initiatives such as the linking of ski resorts and improvements in tourism infrastructure.

The redistribution of funds, an initiative led by the Department of Environment and Tourism of Aragon, was unanimously endorsed in the plenary session of the Sectorial Conference of Tourism. The Minister of the Environment and Tourism, Manuel Blasco, expressed his satisfaction, highlighting that this reallocation of resources will allow the immediate signing of agreements with the local administrations involved.

One of the projects benefiting from this reallocation is the connection between Benasque and Cerler by means of a cable car, as well as the connection between Astún and Candanchú, among others. These projects, vital and essential for the Pyrenees, had been hindered due to the impossibility of meeting the deadlines set by the European Union and the need for an extraordinary funding of 31 million euros.

The Comarca del Matarraña, the Mancomunidad del Alto Valle del Aragón, and the town councils of Daroca and Benasque are some of the beneficiaries of the redistribution of the funds of the 2021 call. The distribution, which totals 30.07 million euros, will allow these local entities to advance their tourism projects in a sustainable manner.

As for the 2022 call, the redistribution of the 26.4 million euros earmarked for the union of ski resorts of Astún, Candanchú and Formigal-Panticosa by Canal Roya reflects a strategic approach. Municipalities such as Sallent de Gállego, Valle de Tena, and Comarca de la Ribagorza will see their tourism initiatives strengthened with this decision.

The approval of the redistribution of funds at the Tourism Sector Conference not only guarantees the viability of key projects in the Pyrenees, but also demonstrates Aragon’s ability to adapt and seek solutions to significant challenges. The commitment to sustainable tourism development is reflected in the equitable distribution of resources, opening up new opportunities for the region and strengthening its position as a top tourist destination.
In addition to the redistribution of funds for the Destination Tourism Sustainability Plans, Aragon will also benefit from the allocation of resources for the Digital Skills Training Plan for the Tourism Sector in 2023. This focus on the development of digital competencies will contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of tourism services in the region.

Likewise, the allocation of funds for Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy Projects for Tourism Companies demonstrates Aragon’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the tourism sector.

In summary, the recent approval of the redistribution of funds positions Aragon as a proactive leader in driving sustainable tourism, laying the groundwork for equitable and resilient economic growth in the Pyrenees.

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