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24 junio 2024

ARPA, Spain’s leading mobile healthcare infrastructure company, collaborates in NEOM, the city of the future in Saudi Arabia

NEOM is the name of the new city and economic-technological area, with a surface area three times the size of Cyprus, which Saudi Arabia is promoting in the northwest of the country, opposite the Sinai Peninsula.

A city that will employ more than 700,000 workers, and in which the Spanish company ARPA has already begun to provide its services.

With NEOM, the Saudis are making a major investment in urban innovation, working with the most cutting-edge entities that provide the most innovative and professional solutions. ARPA has already provided a solution to one of the first needs that has arisen, a mobile health unit that consists of all the necessary services such as water, energy, gas system, etc…

In short, a solution that will cover emergency casualties and primary care. As well as diagnostic analysis and surgical intervention.

NEOM is being built from scratch, with an initial disbursement of 9,000 million dollars from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. And as is logical in this initial construction, mobile solutions such as those provided by ARPA must be provided to ensure that the implementation is a success.

All this under the slogan:

“The world’s most ambitious project: a completely new earth, specially designed for a new way of life”.

For the time being, NEOM is a project that is in the initiation phase, which is starting to take firm steps and already counts on companies such as ARPA, to provide the necessary solutions for its implementation. Due to the fact that such a project has never been seen before and therefore there are no references, the project is counting on a very demanding level of service contracting, which is why the direct contracting of NEOM to the Spanish company ARPA is a great milestone.

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