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19 junio 2024

DeuSens, finalist in the World Metaverse Awards: Innovation and excellence in the Metaverse

The Aragonese company DeuSens has been nominated as a finalist in the World Metaverse Awards in the “Metaverse Business of the Year” category.

These awards, whose ceremony will be held in Dubai next Wednesday, December 6, recognize the work of companies in developing innovative projects in the field of the Metaverse, highlighting their exceptional creativity, technological advancements, and impactful contributions.

This recognition is a clear reflection of the commitment of the Aragonese-origin company to technological forefront and innovation in the realization of virtual projects, highlighting not only the excellence of DeuSens, but also its versatility and ability to develop projects in various formats and environments of the Metaverse.

Although this year the trendy concept has been Artificial Intelligence, at DeuSens they assure that “we have not noticed a decrease in demand, brands continue to approach these technologies. In fact, this year we have carried out important projects, introducing brands like FNAC and McDonald’s into the Metaverse in gaming environments like Fortnite and Roblox, we have created their own environment for brands like Disa, and we have even made a hyper- realistic digital twin of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center.”

A variety of projects that undoubtedly highlight the flexibility, creativity, and technical capability of DeuSens, demonstrating why the company is deserving of its nomination in the World Metaverse Awards. The company continues to push, from its headquarters in Zaragoza, the limits of what is possible in the Metaverse, constantly redefining virtual experiences and taking digital interaction to the next level.

“It is a great recognition, even more so at an international level, which shows that we are on the right track, validates our innovative approach, reinforces our positioning at the technological forefront, and of course, gives value to our nearly 10 years of Hyperexperiences,” said Álvaro Antoñanzas, COO and co-founder of DeuSens.

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