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Discover the historical and cultural richness of Aragon with the Cinco Villas cultural routes.

Explore the cultural routes of the Cinco Villas in Aragon and discover the rich history and culture of the region. From medieval castles to quaint rural villages, there is something for all history and culture lovers!

The Cinco Villas region in Aragon is one of the richest regions in history and culture in Spain, with a wealth of cultural routes to explore. If you are a traveler who loves history and culture, you are in the right place! Here are some of the best cultural routes you can take in this region.

  • Route of the Jewish quarters: This route will take you through the villages of Sádaba, Uncastillo and Biel, where you can discover the Jewish influence in the region. Visit the synagogues, Jewish quarters and public baths, and learn about the rich history of the Jewish community in the Cinco Villas region.
  • Route of the castles: This route will allow you to visit some of the most impressive medieval fortresses in the region, such as the Castle of Sos del Rey Católico, the castle of Sabana, Uncastillo and the Castle of Biel. Discover the history behind these impressive constructions and enjoy the panoramic views from their towers.
  • Ruta del Batallador: If you are passionate about military history, this route is for you. Discover the exploits of King Alfonso I the Battler, who fought numerous battles to expand the Kingdom of Aragon. Visit the places where the most important battles took place and learn about the history of this great king. Starting in Biel baja by El Frago, Erla, Ejea de los Caballeros and Castejón de Valdejasa.
  • Picturesque Route: This route will allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Cinco Villas region. Starting from Tauste, visit the most picturesque villages of the region, such as Luesia, Asín, Uncastillo and Sos del Rey Católico, and enjoy the rural and mountain landscapes.
  • Romanesque Route: If you are a lover of Romanesque art, this route is for you. Discover some of the most impressive churches and hermitages in the region.

To make the most of these cultural routes through the Cinco Villas, it is important that you inform yourself about the schedules and points of interest you wish to visit in advance. In addition, we recommend that you allow yourself to explore the villages and rural areas of the region, where you will discover authentic cultural treasures. Finally, wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather, and make the most of your experience in the Cinco Villas.


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