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Explore the Pilar Festival 2023 in Zaragoza: Welcome, European Union Tourists!

To our friends from the European Union who haven’t yet had the chance to experience the Pilar Festival in Zaragoza, we extend a warm welcome to one of Spain’s most vibrant and exciting cultural celebrations. The Pilar Festival 2023 promises to be a unique experience that will immerse you in the rich cultural heritage and joy of this Spanish city.

Last night, in an exciting event held at the Expo Aquarium, the Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, along with the Municipal Councilor of Culture, Sara Fernández, presented a preview of the eagerly awaited program for the Pilar Festival 2023.

A Glimpse of the Pilar Festival

The Mayor expressed her excitement about the upcoming festival and thanked everyone who works tirelessly to make these “some of the best festivals in Spain” and, in her opinion, “the best in the world.” Zaragoza becomes the epicenter of the celebration, and Zaragozans become hosts to thousands of visitors during these festive days.

What Can European Union Tourists Expect?

– Musical Diversity:The program for the Pilar Festival 2023 covers a wide range of musical genres, from rock and pop to cumbia, electronic, hip-hop, and Cuban music. Concerts will take place in iconic venues such as Espacio Zity and the Pabellón Príncipe Felipe. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy live music and immerse yourself in Zaragoza’s music scene.

– Traditional Culture: The essence of these festivals lies in their deep-rooted culture and tradition. Don’t miss the thrilling Offering of Flowers to the Virgin of Pilar, where thousands of Zaragozans pay tribute to the city’s patron saint with elaborate flower arrangements. You also won’t want to miss the parade of Giants and Big Heads, colorful and animated figures that enchant both young and old.

– Performing Arts: Zaragoza comes to life with an impressive variety of performing arts shows. Companies and animation groups of all kinds will perform in different venues throughout the city, offering entertainment for all tastes.

– Family Fun: If you’re traveling with children, the Pilar Festival has much to offer. The event “Río y Juego” at the Expo is a paradise for the little ones, with 18 play zones for their enjoyment. Additionally, the Puppet Park, located in the José Antonio Labordeta Park, will host numerous artistic companies representing more than 220 performances and interactive games.


Plan Your Visit

The Pilar Festival 2023 is a celebration you won’t want to miss. Zaragoza is gearing up to welcome visitors from around the world during ten days of non-stop festivities.

For more information and updates on the complete program, including details about specific artists and events, visit the official website of the Zaragoza City Council. This is your opportunity to discover and experience the festive spirit of Zaragoza and be part of a celebration that truly represents the heart of Hispanic culture.


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