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17 julio 2024

Huesca La Magia, best adventure destination in Europe at the Oscars of tourism

On a thrilling night in Batumi, Georgia, the Spanish tourism destination of Huesca won one of the most coveted awards in the travel industry: the title of “Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2023” at the 30th edition of the World Travel Awards, also known as the Oscars of Tourism. This recognition was an impressive achievement for the tourism promotion brand ‘Huesca La Magia’, managed by the Huesca Provincial Council.

The prestigious award was given after a tough competition in which ‘Huesca La Magia‘ beat 12 other outstanding nominees, including the Azores Islands, which had dominated this category in the three previous editions. It also left behind renowned destinations such as Iceland, Austria and Italy. The president of the Huesca Provincial Council, Isaac Claver, had the honor of receiving the award at the gala ceremony.

For Claver, this recognition represents a significant milestone and a source of pride not only for the province, but also for the more than 300 companies and freelancers dedicated to adventure tourism in Huesca. In his words, “Thanks to this World Travel Awards, we are positioned and recognized internationally as the great tourist destination that we are and we show the world the richness of our land. From the Provincial Council, we will continue working, along with the entire sector, so that the name of ‘Huesca La Magia’ sounds stronger and we show the greatness of our fantastic province”.

The victory of ‘Huesca La Magia’ at the World Travel Awards is not only a testament to the natural beauty and adventure opportunities offered by the province of Huesca, but also a recognition of Huesca’s ongoing efforts in tourism promotion and sustainable development. The award reinforces Huesca’s position as a top adventure tourism destination in Europe.

In addition to winning in the category of “Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2023”, ‘Huesca La Magia’ was also nominated as “Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination 2023”, although it failed to take that title. However, inclusion in this category alone is an achievement in itself and underscores the province’s steady growth as a renowned tourist destination in Europe.

With its sights set on the future, ‘Huesca La Magia’ is not stopping here. The next objective is to compete for the title of “Best Adventure Tourism Destination worldwide”. The Provincial Council of Huesca plans to launch a new campaign to attract votes to achieve this ambitious goal. This initiative will not only raise Huesca’s visibility on the international tourism scene, but also consolidate its reputation as a leading adventure destination in the world.

In short, the award won by ‘Huesca La Magia’ at the World Travel Awards is a testament to Huesca’s dedication and commitment to promoting adventure tourism and sustainable development. This achievement is not only a source of pride for the province, but also places Huesca on the map as one of Europe’s most exciting and thrilling destinations for adventure lovers. With its sights set on the future, ‘Huesca La Magia’ is poised to conquer the global tourism world and continue to inspire intrepid travelers to discover the magic that this Spanish region has to offer.

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