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Five forests in Aragon where you can lose yourself in an autumn walk

The beauty of Aragon's landscapes changes as the weather changes. The light and colors of summer have given way to autumn tones, which invite you to a quiet and relaxing walk. An activity that you can do in any of the forests of Aragon that we propose, where you will enjoy wonderful views.

For many people, autumn is their favorite season, and one of the main reasons is the way nature looks. At this time it turns yellow and brown, and the ground is covered with fallen leaves, creating beautiful landscapes that are worth a walk. Precisely for this reason, today we would like to recommend some of the most beautiful forests of Aragon.

Forest of the Beeches, in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Huesca).

forests of Aragon
Beech Forest in Ordesa (Source: paisajesdeordesa.com)

This lush beech forest located in the heart of the park is one of the most visited forests of the Community. Its beauty and the grandeur of the trees that form it, which will make you feel completely surrounded by nature. Watching the sunset light through the foliage is one of the most beautiful spectacles offered by the forests of Aragon.

Another of its virtues is that it is part of the hiking route that allows you to admire the famous Cola de Caballo waterfall, which in autumn increases its flow thanks to the rains. We can access this forest from the Ordesa meadow.

If you plan to go, a fabulous place to stay is Torla-Ordesa, a small village that preserves the traditional Pyrenean architecture.

Pinares de Rodeno (Teruel)

forests of Aragon
Pinares de Rodeno (Source: turismodearagon.com)

This is a protected landscape that covers the area between Albarracín, Bezas and Gea de Albarracín, formed by pine trees growing among sandstone and limestone rocks. The contrast between the green of the leaves and the red of the earth, together with the rock formations shaped by time and wind give this landscape its particularity. In addition to hiking routes, it is a perfect place to practice climbing.

This place also has an important historical heritage: it preserves examples of rock art protected by UNESCO.

Moncayo Natural Park (Zaragoza)

forests of Aragon
Forest of Peña Roya, in the Moncayo (Source: blogpuntoecoturismoaragon.com)

As you know, it is one of the most important natural areas of Aragon, so it could not be missing in this list. Its 11,000 hectares are home to several forests among which it is difficult to choose. We are going to talk about Peña Roya, where the autumn colors will transport you to a fairytale place. If you walk there on a day with few visitors and keep silent, between the sound of your footsteps on the leaves you can almost hear the fantastic creatures that inspired legends to Gustavo Adolfo Becquer himself.

After the walk through the forest, you can visit the Monastery of Veruela, a monastery where Béquer himself stayed and which is part of the impressive Cistercian route in Aragon.

Beech forest of Luesia (Zaragoza)

forests of Aragon
Luesia Beech Forest (Source: prepyr365.com)

This area of the Cinco Villas includes several wooded masses of different nature, due to its “border” situation between the Mediterranean vegetation of the Ebro Valley and the Eurosiberian vegetation of the Pyrenees, but we want to highlight its beech forest, one of the most charming places in the area. It is crossed by a narrow path suitable for walkers of all levels, which makes its way through the trunks. In addition, the route passes next to a thousand-year-old yew tree declared a monumental tree. Undoubtedly it is a walk not to be missed.

Oza Forest (Huesca)

forests of Aragon
Oza Forest (Source: turismodearagon.com)

The Selva de Oza is another of the most emblematic natural environments of the Community. This place gathers some of the largest masses of trees in Aragon, surrounded by high peaks. They are made up of firs, pines and beeches, which surround the hiker who walks one of the many routes that run through the area. As we have chosen autumn to walk here, we will do it on a carpet of leaves and moss, fed by moisture, which also makes mushrooms proliferate and rocks and trunks are covered with green.

And, if instead of the peace and quiet of the forests of Aragon in autumn you are looking for adventure, you can stop by the Bosque de Oza, a park of zip lines and high circuits between the trunks of some of the most characteristic trees of this landscape.

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