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Grupo Saphir expects to increase its turnover and workforce by 10%

The Minister of Economy visited the facilities of this Aragonese company, which employs 230 people and is committed to R&D and market diversification.

The Aragonese business group that, despite the economic uncertainty and the raw materials crisis, expects to close the year with a 10% increase in its turnover, thus exceeding 2019 levels. This growth is thanks to a domestic demand that is maintained, a consolidation of the European market (especially in Italy, Portugal and Central European countries) and an opening of new markets in Africa and Latin America, as the company’s managers have told you.

At present, 230 people work in these facilities and the company also foresees a 10% growth in the number of employees. In addition to the company’s commitment to R&D and inclusive employment through collaboration with the special employment center of the Picarral Foundation.

The Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment, Marta Gastón, visited the facilities of Saphir Parfums this Wednesday, Gastón highlighted its “willingness and ability to continue growing both in production and employment and to continue diversifying markets”. “Knowing their ability to adapt during the pandemic, diversifying and marketing hydroalcoholic gels, and knowing that they are going to exceed this year the turnover of 2019 makes us see how Aragonese companies face with optimism not only the evolution so far, but also the future in these times of uncertainty,” he said.

In 2021 Saphir Parfums group premiered an expansion of its facilities of 15,000 m2 that have allowed it to increase its logistics capacity, thus reaching 40,000 m2 of facilities, in which it currently has more than 20 production lines in which they make more than 22 million bottles a year. A production capacity that, in these same new facilities, could be increased by 50% more thanks to the new availability of space. During her visit, Marta Gastón toured the expansion of the logistics area and visited the company’s R&D&I laboratories, the maceration and packaging areas, and the sensory room.

Since 1940

Saphir Parfums, a leader in its market segment, has been developing, manufacturing and distributing perfumes since 1940, when its founders created Almacenes Corinto, a perfumery and drugstore distribution warehouse in the Aragonese capital. Currently, with the third generation of the founding family at the helm, this company continues to locate its production in Zaragoza. The company’s vocation is to make high quality perfumery products accessible to the consumer. To this end, they combine innovative technologies with the experience and know-how of their workers, in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly production environment.

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