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How to fly to see the match Villareal Vs Liverpool semifinals Champions League

How to fly to see the Champions league on May 3th semifinals. Affordable travel to Castellon from UK

Do you want to go to see the champions league in Liverpool on May 3Th?Are you searching for flys?
One option is to go via cheaper airports, for example flying to the city of Zaragoza.

As you know, Liverpool will play next May 3th the semi-final of the champiñon league agains Villareal, and may play the final of this competition.
Surely you are already looking for trips to go to see your team and help them to pass the elimination.
Maybe you do not have plane tickets or the flights are too expensive, we explain another highly recommended option with which you can cheer your team and spend a couple of good days in one of the most beautiful and fun city in Spain.

Zaragoza is the fifth largest Spanish city and is located in a strategic geographical location, very close to cities such as madrid, barcelona or valencia, which makes it a very interesting city logistically, and what interests us most: well connected to these cities.

The connection from the capital of Aragon is excellent. Zaragoza is an hour and a half from Madrid by train and you can fly with Ryaniar from London. Once there there are trains every hour to Madrid.
Nowadays you can find round trip tickets for less than 60€ by train. Renfe.com
But you can also go by bus or rent a car.

If you decide to stay a few days and take the opportunity to relax in Spain, Zaragoza offers a wide variety of gastronomic and cultural proposals.

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