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6 +2 restaurants in the province of Zaragoza that you can’t miss

The richness and gastronomic variety of the province of Zaragoza are indisputable and deserves a trip through them. Get ready to undertake it in any of the restaurants that we recommend in this list.

We continue our tour through the flavors of the three Aragonese provinces, and we arrive to Zaragoza. We are going to recommend you some of the many restaurants worth visiting there. Once again, they are not listed in any particular order, because we recommend you to visit them all.

Casa Pedro (Zaragoza)

Guinea fowl cannelloni with black trumpet and boletus sauce is one of Casa Pedro’s most popular dishes. (Source: FB Casa Pedro)

This restaurant/gastrobar in Zaragoza city boasts of being heir to the best Aragonese culinary tradition, adapting it to avant-garde cuisine. And rightly so, because the brothers and chefs Luis and Javier Carcas have reinvented numerous dishes to give them a touch that is sure to surprise you.

It has two dining rooms, a private dining room and the gastrobar area, where tapas and portions are served in keeping with the spirit of the restaurant. Its tasting menu has nine proposals among which we highlight the Pintada cannelloni and the low temperature Aragonese lamb shoulder ingot.

Entreviñedos (Cariñena)

As soon as you enter this place you will see that there is an absolute attention to detail. The care and dedication with which they have decorated their dining room, an old wine cellar, are equivalent to those used in the preparation of the dishes.

The respect for local produce is total in this restaurant, which even has its own vegetable garden where they grow the lettuce and zucchini that they later use in their recipes, or the pears with which they make homemade jam. And, being located in Cariñena, you can imagine that their wine selection cannot be faulted.

El Chalet (Zaragoza)

Steak tartar is the specialty at El Chalet (Source: FB El Chalet).

It is one of the most veteran haute cuisine restaurants in Zaragoza, and in all the time it has been open it has never gone out of fashion. It must be for a reason. Specifically for the great quality of all its dishes.

El Chalet has four different dining rooms and a terrace where you can enjoy, for example, its delicious gastronomic menu, which includes a sea urchin mousseline with saffron from Jiloca or a beef tenderloin with black trumpet, port wine and truffle. In addition, it is almost obligatory to try the Steak Tartar, the house specialty.

Taberna Restaurant Puerta de Terrer (Calatayud)

Pink tomato salad, Nube cheese, fresh figs and pistachio vinaigrette. (Source: FB Restaurant Puerta de Terrer)

The key to this establishment is the commitment to market cuisine with fresh seasonal products. A culinary honesty that pays off as soon as you sit at the table to enjoy their elaborations, which do not renounce the most modern trends. Nor of local products, such as Aragonese cheese, artichokes, migas…

If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of their proposals: patatas bravas with octopus; duck confit with red fruits; sole rolls stuffed with spinach, prawns and white wine cream; or banana tart with dulce de leche. Irresistible.

Novodabo (Zaragoza)

Truffle fluid from Novodabo restaurant. (Source: novodabo.com)

This restaurant will make you fall in love even before you sit down, because it is located in a palace from the early twentieth century, in the heart of the Aragonese capital. Once inside, its stained glass windows, high ceilings and hanging lamps will make you feel like an aristocrat.

But Novodabo also has a hooligan side, which develops in its TerraZita, where vermouths, cocktails and portions to share are served, or, if you wish, also its menus.

La Merced de la Concordia Hotel Restaurant (Tarazona)

An economical menu but with quality specialties in Tarazona: La Merced Restaurant. (Source: FB Hotel-Restaurant La Merced de la Concordia)

And we go from one noble building to another, because our next proposal is the restaurant of a hotel located in an old palace built in 1501. Its menu is based on local products, so vegetables, meats, mushrooms and truffles reign. This is demonstrated by dishes such as black pudding truffles with onion cream, morels stuffed with foie sauce or boned pig’s trotters in crust. And for those who like vinegars: the anchovy toast is crazy!

Extra! Two Michelin stars

Cancook’s bet focuses on Aragonese products with a harmony of textures, colors and flavors. (Source: Cancook)

Yes, you may have noticed that in this list we have not included any of the two Michelin-starred restaurants in the province of Zaragoza, Cancook and La Prensa. The reason is that we have already told you about them in this post, in which we also review the stars of Huesca and Teruel. Of course, they must be in this list of best restaurants in the province of Zaragoza that you can not miss.


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