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In which projects did Itainnova collaborate in the bicycle sector?

During Entrepreneurship Week, several entrepreneurs, with whom ITAINNOVA has collaborated, have presented their experiences.

Daniel Rodriguez Perez, head of Cyclic, has delved into the new concept of urban bicycles, customizable and lightweight thanks to the optimization of design and the use of new materials. “Currently, we are working with ITAINNOVA, for the development of parts that make up the bicycle, in natural composite materials, sustainable recycled and / or from natural sources.”

Ángel Sánchez and Borja Garrido, entrepreneurs of the L-Bike initiative, have reflected on their innovative proposal that facilitates the storage and maintenance of bicycles “A complete system composed of a central column and a set of accessories that allows the storage of 3 bicycles and the maintenance, repair and centering of wheels in a simple way”.

David Ruiz-Alejos, mechatronics engineer at ITAINNOVA, who has collaborated on projects commissioned by the company BIKONEm, has presented the development of the innovative potentiometer Bikone PM812 and the advantages that differentiate it. “The development of a potentiometer integrated in the bottom bracket is proposed. With this objective in mind, a collaboration begins in search of solutions to sensorize and provide intelligence to this component. The role of ITAINNOVA is to actively participate in the generation of concepts (measurement systems and devices) and to develop the algorithm that will convert the information acquired from the sensors into power transmitted by the cyclist through the development of a virtual prototype”.

The Zicler project is an innovative solution that facilitates parking and recharging a bicycle in a sustainable, safe, efficient and connected way. A success story with several facilities already operating in Zaragoza.

Finally, Laura Vergara and Arturo Sancho, entrepreneurs of La Cicleria and advisors in the Aragonese Bicycle Strategy, closed the day reflecting on the social and institutional aspects that together with the technological ones accelerate the change towards healthy mobility models. They explained their experience of social entrepreneurship La Ciclería, bringing cycling, training and advice in Aragon for more than 15 years. They thanked the involvement of ITAINNOVA with the bicycle sector, and its participation in the Bicycle Table of Aragon.

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