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Lorena Orduna: The New Mayor of Huesca

Lorena Orduna Pons (Huesca, 1976), the newly elected mayor of Huesca, was a relative unknown in the political circles of the municipality and the province until just over six months ago. It was then announced that she would lead the candidacy for the People’s Party (PP) in the Huesca City Hall. Her political journey includes a two-year affiliation with Ciudadanos, but she parted ways with the party after a pivotal blank vote four years ago, which resulted in Luis Felipe (PSOE) becoming the mayor instead of Ana Alós (PP) and was attributed to a Ciudadanos council member.

In late 2022, she received a call from an acquaintance to meet for coffee. Expecting a professional consultation, she was presented with the PP’s vision for the city and a request to lead the municipal list. Her admiration for Ana Alós, who served as mayor from 2011 to 2019, and the opportunity to champion “revitalizing” policies for Huesca motivated her to accept the challenge.

Orduna holds a degree in Labor Relations from the University of Zaragoza. She furthered her education with studies in Political Science and Sociology at UNED, and in International Trade Management at ESIC Business & Marketing School. Her professional journey began in 1998 at Arizón & Gracia, where she started as the head of administration. Over time, she progressed to roles such as organization manager and specialist in asbestos and differential diagnosis for industry and buildings. She was eventually appointed as the general director. Today, she is one of the most respected voices on asbestos-related issues in Spain and Southern Europe.

During the election campaign and following the May 28th election, Lorena Orduna made herself visible at all events she was invited to, either alone, with fellow candidates, party members, or alongside her husband. Described as enthusiastic and determined, when talking about her two children, she proudly claims to be a “great mother.” She is a volunteer with the Red Cross, a mentor for the Youth Business Spain Foundation (YBS), a member of BNI Conexión, and a board member of the Federation of Construction Associations in the province of Huesca and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Huesca. Additionally, she is a member of the Association of Female Executives of Aragón. A nature sports enthusiast, she has another passion – drones. Alongside her husband, she co-founded Dronnea, a company offering drone services for construction, industry, leisure, and agriculture.

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