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Mar Vaquero highlights the work of ARPA, in which “tradition and innovation go hand in hand”

The second vice-president of the Government of Aragon has visited the ARPA EMC facilities, in the town of La Muela, Zaragoza.

The Second Vice-president and Councilor of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Government of Aragon, Mar Vaquero, has visited this Monday the facilities of ARPA Equipos Móviles de Campaña, a family company with more than 55 years of experience and located in the Centrovía Industrial Park of La Muela. In all that time it has become a reference in the construction of camp infrastructures, shelters, green hydrogen technologies, modular construction and integral health systems. In addition to being an SME with a great commitment to sustainability in the future.

Mar Vaquero gave as an example the work of a company that she described as “exemplary”, in which “tradition and innovation go hand in hand”. With a track record of more than five decades, she added, “they have been able to look to the future without losing at any time those roots that allowed them to grow and reach the present with the strength and strength they boast”.

To achieve this “they have never abandoned the path of excellence”. “They have not been satisfied with less than perfection, they are avant-garde in a sector that needs to adapt to the advances of the world and they have become a reference for those who aspire to carry out this work anywhere in the world”, she added.

The vice-president of the Regional Executive made these assessments during a visit to the Centrovía industrial park plant, where they are leading Defense projects for the storage of energy systems for use in advanced bases and in the autonomy and energy efficiency for military camps. These are being materialized through the European Defense Funds.

Green hydrogen also occupies a prominent place in the company’s activity, not only through the consumption of energy generated in its own facilities, but also in the construction of housing modules that are currently being tested, in the collaboration in the dispensing of the first green hydrogen train together with the Aragonese CAF and in the installation of boilers of this energy source in the VIAMED hospital center in Murcia.

“All these projects are more than clear proof of ARPA’s social commitment,” said the Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry. A principle of action that is based on its “enormous efforts” to “improve the environment in which they find themselves” and also to collaborate in the “moments of greatest difficulties”. “The Aragonese people still remember everything they did during the pandemic when their work helped to save lives,” he added.

He also praised ARPA’s concern for making our planet a “more sustainable and less polluting” place. Its commitment to industrial decarbonization is an example of the “great concern that the whole company has for caring for our environment, for not damaging the planet and for offering the best possible future to new generations”. With this experience already acquired, it has become a company prepared to advise other Aragonese and Spanish SMEs in their decarbonization processes.

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