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Saraqusta Film Festival 2024: Celebrating History through Cinema

The Saraqusta Film Festival, an event that has established itself as a highlight in the film calendar, returns for its fourth edition with an even more ambitious and enriching proposal. From April 26 to May 3, the Aragonese capital will become the epicenter of historical cinema and period series, offering a full week of activities that celebrate the cultural richness and value of history as a source of learning and entertainment.

The festival has experienced a remarkable growth in each edition, both in the number of works presented and in the response from the audiovisual sector and the general public. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of collaborators, sponsors and entities that join the event.

Special collaborations

Since its first edition, the festival has maintained a vocation for inter-institutional collaboration, receiving support from the Government of Aragon and the Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza, among others. The incorporation of new collaborators, such as the Ibercaja Foundation, has been fundamental for the development of the festival, generating new spaces and significant alliances. We are also grateful for the participation of collaborators such as Carne Joven, the University of Zaragoza, the University of San Jorge, among others, who contribute to the enrichment of the festival and the promotion of a young audience.

In addition to institutions and entities, the festival has the collaboration of television channels such as Movistar and Televisión Española, as well as the support of the clapperboard, which symbolizes the union of festivals in Aragon and the creation of a diverse and enriching cultural network.

What’s new for 2024

One of the most exciting innovations is the introduction of a day of special screenings to be held at the Fundación Ibercaja, Patio de la Infanta on Saturday, April 27. On this day, the public will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique selection of content, including the documentary “Iglesia de San Pablo Apóstol, Patrimonio Mundial” by Iñaki Latorre and Javier Romeo, an exclusive premiere of the RTVE program “Ingeniería romana”, and the film “La reina Isabel en persona” by Isabel Ordaz, followed by a colloquium with filmmaker Rafael Gordon.

In addition, this year a daily section dedicated exclusively to Aragonese documentaries has been added, which will be screened every morning from April 28 to May 2 at the Theater Museum of Caesaraugusta. These documentaries offer an intimate look at the history and culture of Aragon, with topics ranging from Hebrew printing in the 15th century to the lives of prominent figures such as Natividad Zaro and María de Ávila.

A great program

The festival presents a wide range of films distributed in three main categories, each with its own narrative and thematic richness. In the fiction feature section, captivating stories are offered from various corners of the world, from the Czech Republic to Portugal, Spain, Hungary and beyond. These films immerse the viewer in exciting and varied universes, from tales of friendship and adventure to historical dramas and war conflicts. Each of these works offers a unique opportunity to explore different cultures, traditions and historical periods, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in fascinating worlds and discover new perspectives on the human condition and society.

On the other hand, the documentaries provide an in-depth and revealing look at a variety of topics, from space exploration to historical figures such as Ana de Pombo and Malcolm X. These documentary works not only inform and educate, but also inspire reflection and debate on issues relevant to our society and our past. By offering a window into reality through the lens of film, the festival invites audiences to explore current issues and delve into historical events and figures that have shaped the world we live in.

In addition, the festival reserves an important space for Aragonese productions, highlighting local talent and providing a platform for filmmakers from the region to share their stories with the world. This diversity of films, spanning different genres, styles and perspectives, reflects the festival’s commitment to providing an enriching and satisfying film experience for all types of viewers.

In addition, the festival will feature panel discussions, press conferences and side events that will enrich the audience’s experience and encourage dialogue about film, culture and history. With a wide variety of activities and screenings, the Saraqusta Film Festival establishes itself as a must-see event on the international film scene, celebrating the diversity of cinema and its ability to educate, inspire and entertain.

Saraqusta 2024 Award Winner: Isabel Ordaz

Isabel Ordaz, a leading actress who has brought to the big screen historical characters such as St. Teresa of Jesus and Queen Isabella the Catholic, will be awarded the Saraqusta Award 2024. This recognition highlights her outstanding career in film, television and theater, where she has given life to a wide variety of characters. The award will be presented during the festival’s opening gala, which will take place on April 26 in Zaragoza. In addition to the award ceremony, attendees will be able to enjoy the screening of “Freud’s Last Session”, starring Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode.

A poster that reflects the essence of the festival

The poster design for the fourth edition of the festival is once again the work of designer and editing and post-production technician David Arenas, and shows in digital illustration format the actors transformed into explorers in a nod to Indiana Jones and the adventure films of the 1980s. This poster features elements that evoke the excitement and mystery of this film genre.

The main elements of the poster include two characters dressed as explorers, immersed in a lush jungle with ancient ruins in the background. The two characters are portrayed by Alba Gallego and Alfonso Desentre, who once again take on the roles of time travelers, roles they had during the first edition of the festival, in 2021. The colors used, vibrant and striking, such as green, brown and yellow, contribute to create an atmosphere of adventure and mystery. The dragon trophy, the symbol of the Saraqusta Film Festival, takes on a prominent role in the poster in Gallego’s hands.

Its dynamic and attractive composition helps to capture the audience’s attention and convey the essence of the festival. “We have worked hard on the idea that the poster should make sense, that is, to convey the idea that it is a historical film festival,” explains José Ángel Delgado, director of the festival.

With each edition, the festival experiences a growth both in the quality of the works presented and in the attendance of spectators, aspiring to reach this year the figure of 5000 attendees. Sara Fernández, Councilor for Culture, Education and Tourism, comments: ‘It is a festival that is growing with each edition, and we are very happy with the response from the audiovisual sector, the film sector, but also with the response from the public, which is fundamental for us as the City Council of Zaragoza’.

The Saraqusta Film Festival is projected as a cultural event in constant evolution, which seeks to continue growing and positioning itself as a reference in the national and international film scene. Its focus on artistic quality, thematic diversity and active audience participation ensure a promising future for this highly anticipated event in the city of Zaragoza.

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