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The Fiestas Goyescas are consolidated as a reference event in the spring zaragoza

The Fiestas Goyescas, held in honor of the famous painter Francisco de Goya, have once again been a resounding success in their second edition. During the long weekend, the Plaza del Pilar was transformed into a stage that transported visitors back to the 18th century. Long lines to take pictures as if one were one more character in Goya's mythical paintings, dozens of people milling around in front of his eleven colorful busts, intervened by local artists, and a multitude of children trying to climb on one of the corporeal letters that make up the name of the painter have been some of the most common scenes.

The Zaragoza City Council has calculated that 145,000 people have passed through the nerve center of the city, which has allowed to make, according to the Deputy Mayor and Councillor responsible for Culture and Tourism, Sara Fernandez, a “very, very positive” balance. The highlight of the celebration was the big parade, in which participated prominently Interpeñas and the Union Peñista. On its route from the Balcón de San Lázaro to the Pilar, it attracted 30,000 spectators, and some 1,500 gathered later in the square to enjoy the verbena, which was performed by Starkytch.

In addition, the various ‘videomapping’ have reached an audience of 23,000 people, and more than 28,000 visited the Goyaesque Market and the various attractions installed in the square. The different shows were also well received, especially the children’s shows, which attracted 2,800 people.

The recreationist camp has been one of the most interesting points for those looking for a more authentic experience. “I think it was the most interesting. We have been listening and they told curious things about the weaponry of the time,” said José Carlos Valero yesterday.

In addition, the offices of Zaragoza Tourism have registered during these days about 5,800 consultations, and 2,736 people have participated in its various services. The number of requests for information is 224% more than in the first edition of the Fiestas Goyescas, which were held from May 20 to 22, and 108% more than in last year’s long weekend.

In short, the Fiestas Goyescas have consolidated themselves as a reference event in the cultural and tourist calendar of Zaragoza. During the long weekend, the Plaza del Pilar has been filled with life and color, and has offered visitors a unique experience that has allowed them to travel back in time and immerse themselves in the era in which Goya lived and worked. The good reception of the different attractions and shows programmed, as well as the large number of tourist inquiries registered, show that the Fiestas Goyescas are an event of great interest for tourists and citizens alike.

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