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10 things to do in Belchite

Visitors who come to the town of Zaragoza can choose their tourist experience from a wide range of alternatives that include history, culture, heritage, nature and gastronomy.

Holidays are approaching and it may be the ideal time to make a getaway. If you still have nothing planned and do not know where to go, we encourage you to go to Belchite, a place with a special charm and increasingly fashionable among Spanish travelers. History, heritage, nature, flavors and mystery are concentrated in the municipality of Zaragoza and offer you the possibility to discover it through an experience for all the senses. Here are some suggestions:

1. A journey through the history and heritage of the Old Town 2.

The baroque Arco de la Villa welcomes you to the historic center of Belchite. Through a tour of about an hour and a quarter, the daytime visit will bring you closer to the rich architectural and heritage legacy of the Old Town -which includes its Mudejar-style Clock Tower (declared a World Heritage Site)- as well as the churches of San Agustín and San Martín de Tours and a couple of convents. It is also an impressive scenery in which to explain and recreate the best known episode of its history: the Battle of Belchite, told by the descendants of the neighbors who inhabited the historic village.

2. A visit to the most legendary Belchite

The impressive walk of the night tour through the streets flanked by the skeletons of the collapsed houses as a result of the impacts of the bombs will not leave you indifferent. The tour will bring you closer to the most unknown part of the ruins of the Old Town through the dark and often tragic legends that enclose each of the buildings that are still standing, offering a totally different approach to Belchite.

3. A tour through the traces of the Spanish Civil War

Belchite Tourism

Defensive posts, trenches, refugee camps, subway galleries, an airfield,… The vestiges of the Spanish Civil War are present in Belchite and its surroundings. Combine your visit to the Old Town with the traces of the conflict that extend through other municipalities, such as Fuendetodos, Azuara, Codo and Plenas and that will allow you to relive this historical episode.

4. A scenery of contrasting colors in the Belchitana Steppe

If you love photography and the beauty of nature, El Planerón will captivate you. Its landscapes of wide horizons, great luminosity, spectacular shades and incredible sunsets -which will make you believe you are in North Africa or Asia- are a real spectacle for the eyes. A vision that is even more striking in spring, when this almost desert-like landscape also blooms and splashes the panorama with colors, fascinating and captivating everyone who visits it.

5. A treasure for bird lovers

If ornithological tourism is your thing, El Planerón is also your paradise. Although it can be visited all year round, spring is the best time to see birds in this ornithological reserve created by SEO/Birdlifeen Belchite. It is perfectly conditioned and has a parking area and viewpoint, a bird observatory and a rehabilitated farrowing house, which is used as a nature classroom. And to make the most of the visit, there are two self-guided itineraries -of one hour’s duration-, in which some points of interest have been indicated, either by their vegetation, landscape or human intervention.

6. Enjoying the liquid gold

The olive groves of Belchite hide a great treasure of liquid gold, which is one of the signs of identity of the pantry of the area. Enjoying Belchite’s empeltre olive oil is a pleasure not to be missed. It has special qualities that make it different from others. To learn more about Belchite’s olive-growing tradition, it is best to visit an olive mill, such as Molino Alfonso, which organizes visits to learn about the entire production process, as well as tastings and workshops.Producción de aceite de Aragón

7. Replenish your strength by getting to know the local gastronomy

After a visit to the Old Town, a walk through the olive grove, a day in the ornithological reserve of El Planerón or an excursion in the surroundings of the municipality of Zaragoza, the best way to recover is to enjoy the gastronomy of the area. For this, Belchite offers you different environments and gastronomic possibilities, with which you can enjoy from an excellent homemade meal to tapas or an original sandwich.

8. Wine and cheese to please the palate

The centuries-old vines, which have been able to adapt to the harsh climate and arid terrain, are part of the landscape of Campo de Belchite. And wine is one of the products present in its pantry. So if you are one of those who like gastronomic tourism, you can complete your visit to Belchite with a wine tourism proposal, visiting the Tempore winery in Lécera, and taking an introductory course in wine tasting. And if you are crazy about cheese, very close to Belchite, in Letux, you can taste some artisan cheeses, whose flavor is the result of all that is the Campo de Belchite and that you can not miss.

9. Feel like Goya in Fuendetodos

Culture lovers have the opportunity to enjoy an engraving workshop in Fuendetodos, using the same techniques as its most illustrious neighbor: Francisco de Goya. A Goyaesque walk will allow the tourist to visit the house where the painter was born. Also converted into a Museum of Engraving, it currently displays two of the artist’s original series: ‘Los Disparates’ and ‘La Tauromaquia’.

10. A refreshing rest

Belchite is a perfect place to discover its landscape and be surprised by its history, but it also invites you to rest and recharge your batteries in one of the cozy establishments in the area. Forget the daily hustle and bustle and the fast pace of the big city, enjoying the tranquility and the sounds of the countryside in one of the rural houses in the region, with amazing designs and comfort. After this getaway, you will return home like new.

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