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A sophisticated system of footbridges to enter the Roman dam at Almonacid de la Cuba

11 kilometres from Belchite you can visit this spectacular work of hydraulic engineering with more than 2,000 years of history. It can now be enjoyed thanks to a system of footbridges and the recovery of its 103 staircases. A suspension bridge has been built at the bottom of the river.

Aragon conserves numerous traces of its Roman past, proof of the enormous influence of this culture in the community. In fact, during that period, the territory of what is now Belchite was enormously powerful and became a prosperous and wealthy land thanks, in large part, to the guaranteed water supply from the Aguasvivas river, which made it possible to build a dam in what is now the neighbouring municipality of Almonacid de la Cuba (11 kilometres from Belchite). It was the 1st century AD. More than 2,000 years later, this hydraulic work – one of the most important and best preserved in Roman Hispania – stands imposing in the Campo de Belchite, and can be enjoyed in all its splendour thanks to a recently inaugurated system of footbridges and the recovery of its ancient stairways.

The walkways have created a circular route around the Roman dam of Almonacid, which, for many years, was the highest in the world, at 32 metres high and 107 metres wide. The old stairs have also been recovered (a total of 103 steps), giving the visitor the possibility of reaching the foot of the dam. In addition, a suspension bridge has been built at the bottom of the river, allowing visitors to discover the area in a different way, with a view of the dam and the natural surroundings of the river and the rocks.

The aim of this initiative is to attract tourism in search of new experiences based on heritage and nature, and to serve as a revitalising element for Campo de Belchite. In this sense, as the mayor of Belchite, Carmelo Pérez, points out, this proposal helps to increase the attractiveness of the region by expanding the tourist offer in the area, as it joins the routes that already exist in Belchite or Fuendetodos.

Joining forces and new projects

“The aim is to join forces between the municipalities of the region for the benefit of the territory. In this way, we will achieve the most attractive and complementary offer possible for those who visit Campo de Belchite to enjoy a complete and unforgettable experience”, says the mayor of Belchite, who reminds that soon it will be possible to buy tickets for the visit to the Almonacid de la Cuba dam from the virtual ticket office of the online shop of the Belchite website.

Carmelo Pérez underlines that they are already thinking about new projects. This is the case of the improvement of the route that, in a spectacular scenic setting, connects the Almonacid dam with the Pozo de los Chorros, an impressive natural pool, with a small succession of waterfalls, marmitas and gorges located at the bottom of the gorge.

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