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17 julio 2024

Wines from Aragon” campaign of Aragón Alimentos and Aragón Exterior finalist in the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain 2021

The "Wines from Aragon" campaign, promoted collaboratively by Aragón Alimentos and Aragón Exterior to highlight, position and project the quality of Aragonese wines internationally and claim their origin, has been a finalist in the "Best International Marketing Campaign" category of the prestigious International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain 2021, to be held on November 29 at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid.

Typicality is an added value that is increasingly in demand. In an atomized world, with thousands of origins, brands and typologies, it is essential to seek differentiation through origin, and with this campaign -already used in various international events and actions- the Government of Aragon is showing abroad why wines from Aragon should have the consideration they deserve.

A total of 10 videos have been produced for the “Wines from Aragón” campaign, presenting both Aragón and the different designations of origin, the IGP Vinos de la Tierra and Vino de Pago de Aragón, as well as cross-cutting features such as tradition and modernity or the region’s native grapes. Each video is available in Spanish, English, German and Chinese and stands out for its authenticity and emotive language. The videos were produced by wine communicator Mariano Navascués and filmmaker Carlos Navarro.

“Our wines, like messages in a bottle, express the personality of Aragon and of those who produce them. In the people and wines of Aragon, what you see, is. Nobility is our key to differentiation and authenticity to conquer markets and customers,” said the general director of Innovation and Agri-Food Promotion of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment, Carmen Urbano.

“The main challenge of this campaign has been to transmit the values that define Aragonese wines. We are a region that, in terms of wine, has much to say and much to contribute. The campaign is aimed at supporting the promotion and dissemination of our wine sector abroad, and is being well received by the foreign professionals to whom it is addressed,” said Ramón Tejedor, managing director of Aragón Exterior.

The awards ceremony will include round tables with great names in viticulture and enology and will end with the awards ceremony, in which the Government of Aragón will be represented by both organizations, which will be accompanied by the Foreign Trade Institute, the Ministry of Agriculture, organizations linked to the wine sector and the rest of the nominees in the various categories of the competition.

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